IMPORTANT UPDATE: Submit Appeals via New Issuer Tool

Appeals are no longer submitted on Discourse, but instead are submitted using the new issuer tool.

If you want to check on the status of your petition, you can do so by using the chatbot in the lower-right corner of the POAP website.

  1. Click on “check status of my drop”

  2. Enter the POAP Drop ID (Event ID)

  3. The bot will give the current status of your drop

  4. If you need to appeal a decision, click on “Submit an appeal”

  5. Click on the link and fill out the form with all information requested

  6. Stand by and wait for a reply, you should hear back within 3 business days

The focus of Discourse has shifted to developing and exchanging ideas about the Proof of Attendance Protocol and ongoing community development.

Please see our full announcement regarding and new tool, we hope you enjoy the improved user experience!


still wanted to do this event and drop #110046 - TYMED thanked you in March 2023 - 2023 & #110049 - You were part of A-Z 123 The MC BC TYMED’s Birthday Celebration - March 2023 what do i need to correct to have this possibility ?

Please contact the POAP Customer Support team (using the chat bubble on the POAP website) to discuss your use case and learn how can you improve your petition.

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I will do thanks for responding