I want to WL my POAP with a list of 4000+ addresses

I want to WL my POAP with a list of 4000+ addresses and can’t find a way to pass the 100 limit.

Hey @royalbeck

What’s the nature of your event? How do you plan to collect those addresses? How do you determine participation?

Hi @Fio

I am a community member in an NFT project called Rubber duck bath party
the concept is that once a few weeks there is a “party” where holders can choose to participate and if they do the NFT traits may change.

So just for the fun of it, I wanted to create POAP events for the parties participants to have.

The founder of the project agreed to share the eth addresses of the participants with me (we also know each other personally so there is a higher level of trust between us).

the current event details

  1. Event ID: 37035 (POAP)
  2. Community information: https://twitter.com/RubberDuckBP | https://duck.art/
  3. Nature of the event: Note participation in community events
  4. Distribution Method: Eth address WL
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? - see above

Hey @royalbeck

Thanks for the info!
Have you submitted the Delivery petition? I couldn’t find it in the POAP admin panel.

It is

Hey @royalbeck

The petition for Delivery is not on the POAP admin panel.

Please check this article on how to set up a POAP Delivery petition: How Do I Set Up Delivery? | POAP Help Center

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