I need you to approve my secret word request

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  2. we are a podcast that talks about the web 3 ecosystem and while the episodes we will reveal the secret word to claim the poap of the episode, so we make sure you listened to the whole episode to be able to claim the poap.
  3. each episode we will give out poaps to our listeners and the secret word will be revealed randomly during the episode and they will only be able to claim the poap for a short period of time.
  4. by using a secret word that will be given during the episode and will be available for a limited time.
  5. after we requested approval for the secret word they asked us to fill out a form and we filled it out with very detailed information about our podcast and plan to distribute the poaps, we urgently need approval because the episode was uploaded on Monday with the secret word but our listeners cannot claim it because the poap is not available.

:wave: :ocean:@guillermoalex31

Secret-word claims are only intended for live AMAs.
You must reduce your Secret-word claim window to 1 hour.

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