I need the #31064 connected to snapshot proposal

Hello i have created a POAP and would like to connect it to our DAO snapshot vote. In the article it said to join here and give code to the team.
#31064 - i put 0 for links
#31063 - i put 120 links.

i only need the #31064 connected to proposal- 0xfe55749286e2e0d599e865e6155cda3a7b7bb61d57f928d70971e496f9193bfd


Can you post a link to the content you are referencing?

Please fill this form out for each snapshot request that needs to be linked :link:

Snapshot … Thanks i filled that out

Hey :wave:

I will close this post since we have another one with the same topic open:

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The POAP Curation Body