I haven't received my codes yet

I created an event on 01/22/2022 and have not yet received the codes. The event ID is 24176, thank you.

Hey @J3nn1b33 ! Thanks for submitting a petition with us.

My apologies for the delay in this petition. Due to the time-zone differences and your petition being submitted closer to a weekend this petition has taken a little longer to process.

We’ve had a look now at your drop request. A lack of information has unfortunately slowed down this petition.

Please review this helpful guide to give your petitions the best chance at becoming positive.

Let me know if you need any assistance with this or have any further question. Thanks very much.


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Good afternoon,
I still have not received my codes yet for event #24176 and it has been a few days since the last message. Is everything okay with the event I created and the art that I submitted? Thank you!

Good evening,
I added the url for the Twitter space. The poap is to capture and celebrate the “hype” or drop party of my collection and give a piece to all of those who attended. It was very special as it was the first time I was able to share a lot about my project and its purpose. Thank you.