I found a very critical discourse problem

Hello people ; ) How are you.
I just realize that this website is open to everyone and if you know how POAP works, it’s very critical for the event organizer and POAP creators.

I claimed 1,000 POAP MintCodes and QR codes for my event.
Regardless my private event setting, it’s still exposed to the online through DIscourse page.

POAP Creator post their POAP approval here.
Title including event number and the event names.

Some smart POAP hunters, they try those event names and claim POAPs.
My event is planned for a month — 15 Jan - 27 Feb.
I requested 1,000 POAP codes.
It’s all gone today due to those POAP hunters.

So, when you post something here, just becareful.
I’m not sure if I still want to post my event information here or not…

What do you think?
And if you have any good tips regarding prevent POAP farming, Please do share below comment.

and the Capcha is not working.

Thank you.

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I feel personal events are best sent via DM and give more privacy to private events.

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I agree with this. I’m finding this process to be duplication. On request I’ve asked for a private event only to now have to ask for it publicly here on Discourse. This is a broken process. I also think there should be a standard template for requesting POAPs that all issuers fill out. This leaves less opportunity for subjective approval based on leaving out a required item or not being detailed enough. It also makes me inquire what is actually happening with the original request? Please fix overall.

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So sorry I think the process is improving and this is a needed gate. The team is working hard. Is there any other way the codes could have been found? What was your intended distribution method? Here to serve and encourage.