How to extend expiry date of a drop? Is it editable or do you have to request another set of mint links?


I had requested mint links that were set to expire on 4/4/22. However, we have decided to extend the expiry date and want to make sure people can still mint their POAPs post - 4/4/22. Do we need to request another set of mint links? Or can I edit the original mint link timeline to be further away?

Event ID: 30797

Thanks for your help!

Hey @mvt

As I can see, your expiry date is on 2022-04-05 (not 2022-04-04)

After expiration, you’re not able to change the date anymore.

Let us know if you have further questions!

Hello, yes, i am aware. What should the next steps be? Do I have to create another POAP?

Hey @mvt

Sorry for the delay!

Yes, you have to create another drop but with a new artwork, since the artwork can’t be repeated.
Adding the date or the event number on the artwork is the easiest way :wink:

Let us know if you have any questions!