How to delete a POAP

Hi, I was showing the potential of POAPs to a client and I generated a test Poap (I flagged it as Private Drop). I showed them all the steps, connected my wallet address and made the claim (only the claim on the Gnosis network. I did not transfer it to the ethereum network). Now I would like to delete/burn it so that when I open the SCAN page of my POAP account, it will no longer show. The ID: #5689993
Can you help me? Thanks a lot. Cheers from :it: . Best, Daniele

Hi @Fio How you doin? Could you help me with this? Thanks a lot. Best, Danny

Why not sending it to an address that you are not using? You can do so.

Hi Maryam, thanks for your reply. I guess you already know that you can check all transfers between wallets on etherscan. I think a brand doesn’t want people to be able to track all “work in progress” POAPs and have a look at them. Also, it sometimes happens that you make mistakes when creating a POAP or the event you promote is canceled or postponed. IMO, It should be allowed to easily burn / delete a “test” POAP or a POAP linked to a deleted event. That’s why I was asking how to delete it. Maybe there is already a tool/way. Thanks again. Best, Dany

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Hi Dany,
Thanks for the reply. I am not aware whether there is a solution for this issue or not.
A member of the POAP team can hep you better.
Good luck!