How Gen Zs can Break Into DAOs POAP/Presale Whitelist spot - request

We are doing a Twitter space today to talk about How Gen Zs can Break Into DAOs and we would like to issue POAPs to our attendees. We have submitted a petition to drop the POAPs.

The Twitter space is in collaboration with VOICE DAO.

The POAP has 2 benefits

  • commemorate the event
  • A spot in our whitelist.

Codes requested: 100

Distribution Method: Virtual drop through form submission, each mint link would be emailed to the list of the attendees after collection of the details.

Our Event ID is #29265

The event is in 4 hours. Would be really helpful if the team could review it.
We would like to thank @Fio for helping us make our event a reality!

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Hey @Brianwongjh,
Sorry for the delay in the response here!

Looks like your drop received a positive review :purple_heart:
Hope you guys had enjoyed the Twitter Space :dizzy:

The POAP Curation Body