How does the Gallery work - it's not sync'd?

I’ve noticed over multiple drops that the gallery doesn’t appear to be live - or sync’d

I know that some POAPs have been minted because I’ve watched it happen myself, but even hours later the gallery is not updated with the correct number of POAPs claimed

How does it work? Is it updated only periodically?

Hey @pixeyl
Hope you’re doing great today! POAP Gallery fetches the data of the blockchain from our API indexer.
The indexer is supposed to be synced. We rarely see them out of sync…

Can you share any specific examples? ty :pray:

Thanks for the reply

We hadn’t clocked that POAPs in the app remain as only reserved until fully minted to an eth address, so don’t show up in the gallery

Running an experiment… Learning as we go :pray:

Ohh yes! That’s the issue :disappointed:

If you’d like to view mints and reservations for an event, you can use POAP Family. Here’s an example:

For event ID 30875, simply add the event ID at the end of the link: POAP Family

If you’d like to view multiple events, add all the event IDs at the end of the link separated by a comma:

Let me know if this solution works for you!