How can the community help?

I’ve been an early part of the POAP ecosystem and I immediately saw how fun POAPs were going to be. From here, it will become harder as we start hitting scaling issues.

At this levels of work, some level of “decentralisation” will be helpful. And that’s where the community can step up to help the core team.

Some background: I’m a core contributor at The OpenDAO, and my passion is in education.

I would pledge some teaching/training hours centred around POAPs, and centred around the following themes.

Everyone is free to join to learn more!

  1. How to create POAP art. Live drawing lessons. (not by me of course, but by our community artists)
  2. How to be a responsible POAP issuer.

Please add more ways your own community can chip in!

(This is the web3 world, by the way, if you write a suggestion, you will have to DIY too)


Welcome to the forum angyts, I see in POAP you have a quite impressive collection.

The creation of this forum is a solid step towards decentralizing the governance of POAP. We expect the community to play a major role in running this discourse space.

For now I encourage you to stay around and participate in the different topics that arise. Also to start new ones according to your interests.


Thanks for asking @angyts.eth ! First: we really appreciate your involvement with the community.

The biggest thing that the whole POAP community can do to pitch in is are honestly:

  • self-policing: when you see issuers who are trying to use the protocol for poor reasons, call it out! Help them make the drops better if they seem to have good intentions, and explain that the intended use is not how POAP is meant to be used if that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  • education: Apart from the basics stated in Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops, there is a huge well of information about tools for distribution online and products that we have quietly in beta. If you’re familiar with these tools, help spread the word!
  • contribute to shaping the protocol. We know largely the kinds of things we like seeing, but we want to hear your thoughts on what makes something a good drop (or not). This is perhaps one of the most important ways the community can get involved: the protocol is for everyone, and the more of us engage in shaping its governance, the better.

This is off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more that we just haven’t thought of, so feel free to pitch ideas in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: