How Can I Distribute POAPs for Past Events?

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Today, we’re discussing one of the most frequent cases we see during curation: POAPs for past events.

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is dedicated to preserving memories and creating richer connections. You can distribute POAPs for an event hosted yesterday, last week, three months ago, a year ago, or more. You could even distribute a POAP for the day of your birth!

But it’s important to follow only one rule: verifying participation.

If you have a reliable list of the people who participated and a way to contact them (or a reliable memory), POAPs for past events are absolutely possible. And they’re the perfect surprise for collectors!

In this post, we’ll review some examples and tips for distributing POAPs for past events.

Don’t trust, verify

IRL or online events usually have a list of people who registered or bought a ticket.
Although people who bought a ticket probably went to the event, it’s not 100% certain. If registering is free, the registration list is even less reliable.

This is quite common. Every day, we see cases in which issuers want to distribute POAPS to everyone who purchased tickets or signed up for an event. But, proof of registering, or proof of purchasing a ticket, aren’t the same as proof of attendance.

Issuers must verify attendance of collectors at events and/or collector eligibility for POAPs.
For past events where participation cannot be truly verified, we suggest not using POAP.

“I requested X amount of POAPs for my event last night, but more people attended. What can I do?

In this case, request a top-up petition. Note that his top-up request can be for mint links only.

Let’s use an example:

You hosted a Twitter Space and requested 50 POAPs to distribute via a Secret Word, but you had 60 attendees.

You can ask that the attendees who didn’t receive a POAP via Secret Word send you a DM. Remember rule #1: verifying participation.

Do’s and Don’ts of Distributing POAPs at Past Events

:white_check_mark: If you are distributing POAPs via DM:

  • Ask 1-2 questions specifically about the event.
  • Make the questions difficult, related to topics discussed during the event.
  • Don’t ask yes or no questions.

:white_check_mark: If you are distributing POAPs by collecting participant emails or Ethereum addresses via a form:

  • Ask 1-2 questions specifically about the event.
  • Leave the form open for a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

:x: Do not ask people to DM you the Secret Word. This is not enough proof of attendance, since the word can be shared with others who were not actually there.

Useful Tools for Distributing POAPs at Past Events

If you’re looking for an easier method than manual distribution with mint links, here’s a list of useful tools to distribute POAPs for past events:

  1. POAP Delivery: Delivery is a tool that whitelists Ethereum wallet addresses to be eligible to mint a particular POAP. During your event, you can collect the Ethereum addresses of the participants and then set up a Delivery petition. Remember to follow the guidelines mentioned above.

  2. Guild allows you to create gated communities in Discord or Telegram and distribute POAPs to collectors. You need to have Guild installed before the event.

  3. Mail Merge: Mail merge platforms let you create a batch of documents that are personalized for each recipient. A data source, like a list, spreadsheet, or database, is associated with the document, allowing you to deliver individual mint links to each collector. Here’s an example of a mail merge platform.

  4. GitPOAP: A GitPOAP is a regular POAP that is minted through the GitPOAP platform for specified meaningful contributions to open source projects. Repo owners automatically distribute GitPOAPs to their contributors as recognition of their work.

:mega: You can find more resources on the POAP.Directory website.

:bulb: Do you have an idea for an integration to securely distribute POAPs? Here’s all you need to build on top of POAP!

Cheers to you for reading this far!

:thought_balloon: We would love to hear your thoughts!

  • As a collector: have you ever been surprised with a POAP from a past event?
  • As an issuer: what are the biggest challenges when distributing POAPs for past events?

I watched the Ethereum Merge live stream on September 15th and was asked to charge $10 to get a POAP. As far As I know, 6000 people have transferred, As a Collector, I wonder whether it is reasonable for POAP charges to be used against farmers? What is the money used for?


As a collector: automatic sending of POAP to wallet is one of the best events. In fact, it can only be done automatically by attending the meeting. This is very easy.
As an issuer: use the standard specified by POAP and do not need manual work such as importing the list of wallet addresses and all matters are recorded automatically.

  • As a collector: have you ever been surprised with a POAP from a past event?

    Unfortunately, most of my poaps were collected based on current events. But the past event poap, I find it can be so interesting. Think about it, I can create a Drop about my birthday, and the collectors are my dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, brother, and sister. . . It’s really interesting to think about it. The only thing that gives me a headache is explaining to them what is blockchain, what is web3, what is poap, lol. . .

  • As an issuer: what are the biggest challenges when distributing POAPs for past events?

    The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is the blurring of memory due to events being too old. Many things are difficult to trace, especially for large events, and it is difficult to accurately distribute (if there is no participation record at the time), so Drops of such events must be issued carefully.

    Finally, as Fio said, try not to use secret words.

  • As a collector: yes, i participate in some events and they distribute poap that was related to past event, like some Game poap
  • As an issuer: some time a project have some poaps that they are related to events that placed some days ago and people come and say i was there but didn’t receive any poap. the biggest challenge is how can you trust them. you must predict this situation and have some method for this.
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As a collector, yes, I have been surprised by the participation in the Infura workshops and the interesting method they have used is that they assign a poap to the participants who have attended at least 5 sessions. And its validation was through attendance with an email link. I think it was an interesting way to distribute POAP for past events.
As an issuer: I think the biggest challenge is to do justice to past poap’s because someone may not have attended the meeting and intended to receive, or someone may have attended and not be able to prove it. Perhaps a user rating system would help filter out trusted members.

Using POAP to celebrate personal events is a unique idea and it can be very useful, but on the condition that the recipients are at least familiar with web3 and blockchain.

As a POAP collector: For the Ethereum Merge POAP event, 10 USDC was asked from the attendees and three days were set for payment, which in turn was a great opportunity for farmers and it surprised me because in such events, which are more like a kind of It is appreciated that the secret code could have been a better way of distribution.

As an POAP issuer: it will always charge some reserve to compensate people who have not taken POAP. For example, if I estimate the number of attendees at 500, I consider the number of 600 and keep 100 as a link so that I can give gifts to people based on their merit.

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As a collector: after a long time، I got the metamask POAP and they had registered the details of the participants via email.

As a issuer: The solutions you mentioned are great and you can also ask the participants to provide a screenshot of their presence in the event or call.


As an issuer,

I used google questionnaire and set some specific questions to identify the attendees. I also collected their addresses by google questionnaire too. That I could e-mail or manually enter their addresses to claim the POAP for them.

I agree with the aforementioned guideline and it includes the important points to verify the attendance of the past events.
As a collector, yes, I received a POAP for the past event. It was for trying a Web3 social media platform and I was surprised after receiving an email from Earnifi to claim the POAP. For such cases as the attendance is registered online via a web3 wallet, it is easy to find the list of the qualified attendees.

In case of issuing any POAPs for the past real life events and if the list of the attendees is not available, documents such as memorial photos can also help. They may not include all the participants though.
The other important points are mentioned in the guideline above. :four_leaf_clover:

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Good point, thanks for bringing this up.

As a collector: It has happened to me in different events, that I receive my POAP afterwards, sometimes weeks. I believe the issuers collected the addresses from the Degen bot, since those were Discord events, and dropped the POAPs later manually via Discord DMs with unique codes. This is obviously very cumbersome, error prone and not scalable. I also have received some POAPs after registering / paying in Guild. This I see very critical. At this moment, Guild is not mature enough, neither the software nor the process. Too many clicks. Web3 is already hyper complicated for Web3 regulars, Guild adds a new complexity level which is unnecessary and turns off users. On top, practically everybody is later able to claim a POAP. I see it in the POAP community calls, three times as many people claim the code as those that were actually in Discord. Hundreds more. Imho much worse than the farmers in DCL. Another point is, the moment people pay, they feel obviously entitled to receive the POAP. You have read in Discord how many people feel frustrated because somewhere something did not work and their POAP does not arrive. Example paying in Eth as opposed to Matic. I would definitely recommend against using Guild for the time being as a user. If I need to pay, tell me an address where I should drop some money, don’t ask me for Guild because I probably won’t.

As an issuer: I have done this multiple times, that I say “event is today, we will onboard you later this week”. As a matter of fact we will do this today again. We have a big event of 350+ Non-Web3 Scientists, we will create buzz there, onboard some, and offer 4 onboarding sessions in the next days to those that were there. We create lists with names and send invite mails. These are all internal employees events. Being in a controlled environment, those name lists are very simple, I don’t even need eMails, you see people at the event, there are no concerns about “what happens to my email”. I have never done this “giving POAPs from past events” with “non-internal-employees” events at scale; I guess that would be challenging. Of course as an issuer I would not use Guild at this moment, see above.

I firmly believe that POAPs are by far the best tool to onboard people in Web3. For corporates there are zillions of use cases for POAPs, regardless of Web3. Usability is still a thing in the way, not the POAP itself (Ob Metamask or Rainbow, already saying “download the next app and then…” is a big turn-off). Disclaimer: I love POAPs :-).

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As a collector: metamask used Poap for the meeting it held and sent a personal Poap link to all the participants. It was a really good decision.
As an issuer: It is possible to detect poap farms once a month and remove them from the poap list

It’s great if it automates a process