Hinata.io ( ANIME METAVERSE DAO ) [JAN-22] <1st> - 20703

hello, this is the first month our organization has had a POAP, earlier in the month we started a POAP event but a crazy amount of people showed up from nowhere and kept claiming every event withint a couple hours. We want to have a continuation for our token holders thru out the month, we’ve programmed a feature that only allows people who own our nfts to be able to claim a POAP to fix this unusual problem within Decentraland. If you would be so kind as to approve 500 more request codes. this will be the last time for this event. thank you!! *** Hinata.io ( ANIME METAVERSE DAO ) [JAN-22] <1st> - 20703****

Hey @SanzenItachi,
Your request was positively reviewed by the curation body.
I hope your event goes well :slight_smile: