I am very happy to be a small part of the poap community and I am proud to have designed some of the popups in this collection. I hope this project shines like a star every day.:star::heart:

1. The POAP
These POAPs are my creations for 8immortals-NFT Community.


Event_ID Name Date Link
38791 |/8immortals_20220414AMA_Roadmap & Utilities Update 14-Apr-22 POAP Gallery
40498 |/8immortals_20220428AMA_StarrCh3n Is Coming! 28-Apr-22 POAP Gallery
40762 |/8immortals_Vote_Project Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
40763 |/8immortals_Vote_Chat Room Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
40764 |/8immortals_Vote_Mobilization Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
40765 |/8immortals_Vote_Culture Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
40766 |/8immortals_Vote_Blockchain Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
40767 |/8immortals_Vote_Translation Ambassador 24-Mar-22 POAP Gallery
43194 |/8immortals_20220512AMA_Mayday Masa Is Coming! 12-May-22 POAP Gallery
43362 |/8immortals_AMA_Roadmap2.0 & Utilities Update 11-May-22 POAP Gallery
44738 |/8immortals_AMA_with_YoungChien 19-May-22 POAP Gallery
45636 |/8immortals_AMA_with_Godpod (AMA_Tour) 23-May-22 POAP Gallery
46143 |/8immortals_AMA_with_FomoDog 26-May-22 POAP Gallery
46847 |/8immortals_AMA_with_O2 Meta 30-May-22 POAP Gallery
48159 |/8immortals_AMA_with_The Lochy Clan 6-Jun-22 POAP Gallery
51147 |/8immortals_20220620AMA_with_ASstudio 20-Jun-22 POAP Gallery
51961 |/8immortals_OG-AMA_RoadMap3.0_Advance notice_2 22-Jun-22 POAP Gallery
51971 |/8immortals_PublicForAll_AMA_RoadMap3.0_Advance notice 24-Jun-22 POAP Gallery
53189 |/8immortals_20220630AMA_with_BadFaceBots 30-Jun-22 POAP Gallery
53225 |/8immortals_Pilgrimage_Tour_START 4-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
54256 |/8immortals_20220711AMA_with_Ju-Chun, Ko a.k.a. dab 11-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
55466 |/8immortals_20220718AMA_with_XPG 18-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
55728 |/8immortals_20220719AMA_with_ZenCats 19-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
55927 |/8immortals_20220720AMA_with_ROARVERSE 20-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
56630 |/8immortals_20220726_AMA_with_Aaron Nieh 26-Jul-22 POAP Gallery
56807 |/8immortals_20220727_AMA with Pluto Lab 27-Jul-22 POAP Gallery

2. The importance of this memory
43194 ** |/8immortals_20220512AMA_Mayday Masa Is Coming!**
This is the most unforgettable memory for me.
In this event, the guitar player of the Taiwanese pop band–“MayDay”.
Came into this AMA and the chat is just like in a Mega crazy fan club.

3. The distribution method
I use “POAP Secret” at that time.
However, you can see this POAP seems being “Farmed”.
(See it from the Gallery.)

4. Anything else you want to say…?
As a POAP creator
I’m happy that everyone participates in the event to receive the POAP.
This is the proof and reward that the event participants deserve.

But if anyone doesn’t get it through from normal participation
That is just disrespect for the event and the POAP creator.
This will only make the use value and the meaning of POAP disappear.

If you want to get “valuable POAP”
Please respect every event and every opportunity for Mint POAP
Have participated in Mint

Let’s keep the value of the meaningful POAPs. Thanks! :face_holding_back_tears:

Thank you! The POAP Curation Body!
Thank you to all the community members!

  1. POAP Gallery
  2. We run several courses and events during a year (KoiosDAO), check blogpost here:: POAP Gallery.
  3. We tested once with magic link and once without. Magic link worked great, and created a convenient QR. Not sure how to incorporate it with 100 visitors, probably physically hand out the links in paper. We make sure our drops are responsible because uni lecturers and teaching assistents are validating the process (and our students can earn stuff on our platform when they collected enough POAPs during their programs).
  4. Seriously, keep up the great work! Product (POAP) as well as the friendly community and all the help we received so far. TY!
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  1. POAP Gallery
    2.This is my first POAP. Ii was given who passed the quiz and got to know the project.
  2. The link of the POAP was email to me.
  3. Unlike most NFTs, POAP is more like a commemorative badge. I hope the team can cooperate with other projects to empower POAP more. I hope I can check my POAP in markets such as Opensea.
  1. It is an honor to see so many beautiful works of poap designers. The most memorable poap I’ve ever designed was completed a few days ago to celebrate the first anniversary of our Chinese POAP WeChat community.POAP Gallery

  2. We are a community of love and happiness, and we have been together for a year since our founding in August 2021. We have been through a lot in the past year: Participate in interesting conferences, create beautiful poaps, discuss the future of web3 and Ethereum , share interesting things in life, and witness the changes crypto has made to the world.

    Not long ago, many of our friends’ poaps were stolen, we are all very sad, all we can do is to support and encourage each other, through the most difficult time. I started sending it yesterday to the most active and helpful members of the community, hoping this poap can be a witness to our friendship.

  3. One to one. We are very familiar with each other, I will communicate directly with the person who is eligible, and then send him a link.

  4. Whether you are a collector or a designer, you can play your talents here, make more friends and leave good memories. Thank you so much poap, it is not only a simple badge, but also a part of our life.

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  1. Aavegotchi POAPs -- Aavegotchi Wiki — this is a selection of all of the poaps we have made

  2. We use poaps to retroactively reward voters on aavegotchi protocol proposals. These proposals help adjust game mechanics and keep community moving in the right direction

  3. We used snapshot to distribute only to people who have voted. Super easy!

  4. It used to be very quick to get a new POAP live via snapshot but we have hit some snags recently. Have 4 waiting in the queue that have been stuck for months. Would love to work with you on how we can make this process easier. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Thank you for all that you do.

  1. This is the Link of last poap that i have received. POAP - The bookmarks of your life
  2. It’s important to me for couple of reasons, it shows my activities and engagement with Poap community as a community members, more over, it is a proof for my experience.
  3. I have get this poap by Degen distribution

it is the first poap issued in a local hk youtuber discord

i used private link and dm in discord to send every participant one by one

i love poap~

Hello people,

How it started for me
I’ve been given the opportunity to join the UMA community (SuperUMAn) early last year and we decided to incentivize our community for their participation with POAPs.
The first one I issued (and collected) is this one:

SuperUMAn Community Call
It started a series of weekly issuance rewarding participation in our Community Call. I ended my run only recently, more than a year later, with 60 events. Here are the POAPs issued for the last Epoch, where I chose to highlight each and every members of our community:


Cross DAO / Special Events
Many other POAPs produced and handed over for special events, be it cross-DAO AMA, celebrations of integrations, etc.
Below are POAPs for 1- QiDAO x UMA / SuperUMAn AMA ; 2- DFX integrating UMA’s KPI options airdropped to the DFX community ; 3- Sushi x UMA / SuperUMAn AMA.

POAPs rewarding on-chain activity
Ongoing efforts are made to reward UMA token holders with a proof of their participation in the DVM voting (mechanism that helps secure the Optimistic Oracle). In particular, I produce the one that are handed for Polymarket disputes. Each of them tell a story and I believe are a nice souvenir of the very heated debates that our members have before each round of vote. Some examples below:

I started by sending the claim links individually, usually by DM on Discord.
Very soon, I started to use the POAP bot (v2) on Discord. As much as everyone, I realized very soon that the POAPs the community enjoyed were also very much liked by “farmers”. Some of our early POAPs were claimed by over 500+ single addresses. It went as far as I would go back to sending the links manually.
Then, degen came around, and improved quite the experience, although we still see many farmers / bots connecting to our calls. To this day, I still use degen, with mixed results.

I also use “delivery” for the POAPs sent for UMA’s voters. This is probably the best solution since it cannot get gamed by farmers.

I recognize that POAP is very unique and is one of these gems that makes what web3 is.
However, I hope that it could improve on, specifically:

  • the size / format accepted for the art. 4MB is too small. And we should have the possibility to use more modern formats, like mp4…
  • the UX for issuers is… terrible.
  • POAP being a free service, I understand the necessity to filter through the genuine events and the ones that are pure spam. But the curation process is sometimes long. I also think this should be improved on.

Thank you for reading that whole lot.



This is not my first one, but the one whose drop I am fairly proud of.

This one was created for users who follow a twitch stream called dappstream. It follows crypto news and events and is generally for helping new users learn and keeping followers up to date.

Twitch has a few plugins where you can reward viewers by allowing them to earn points. So the drop was done by adding the POAP claim as a reward to viewers. The viewers were required to earn over 10 minutes of viewing points and then burn those points to earn the POAP claim code. Thus it was guaranteed that a user had to:
A) login to twitch
B) be a unique user on twitch
C) watch a minimum amount of the twitch channel in order to earn enough points to claim the POAP.

I thought this was a unique solution. Moving forward we have kept this strategy alive and post the codes for one month, allowing users to claim monthly (no more than one claim is allowed in any given calendar month) and the codes are only claimable during the calendar month.

In this manner, users can claim POAPs which demonstrate loyalty to the stream over time, thus making one individual POAP not as important as a chain or multiple POAPs.

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing @SurfTranquille.

Are you the artist behind these creations?

If so, then you have quite a gift as some of them are amazing :rocket:

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  1. POAPathon Community Call - Oct 5, 2021


  1. The POAP team set up a POAP contest with POAPathon where whoever designed the winning Community Call POAP got to design the POAPs for ETH Lisbon and this POAP won! This was the moment I was truly hooked on POAPs and since then have made a ton for projects all over the crypto space.

  2. This POAP was distributed using the DEGEN Bot on Discord where only the people on the Discord call would receive a POAP.

  3. POAPs are such a fun way to express events, achievements, and special moments and I can’t wait to see where they are in 10 years.


Your qi dao mah jong one is one of my favorites of all time. Thank you!!

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Apollo DAO POAPs

Apollo hosts weekly contests for creators of all types. Each week, creators enter the contest, the community votes, and the winning creator receives funding for their arts.

A POAP is released after each contest cycle, claimable by community members that voted.

  1. Creator Contest #7 POAP: POAP Gallery
  2. This POAP is claimable by anyone that voted for a contestant in Apollo Creator Contest #7.
  3. This POAP was distributed using a list of wallet addresses from community members that voted in the Apollo Creator Contest. The link to claim is announced through Apollo’s community channels (Telegram and Discord) and listed on a dedicated webpage: POAPs - Apollo Crypto Token
  4. Combining the POAP Drop and Delivery steps into a single experience would be ideal
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Hello, this is a drop I did for the Superbowl weekend POAP Gallery

I usually create a POAP for events that I travel to, I just like giving them to people as a memento.

I always give them out personally via QR code off my phone. Sometimes people are scared to scan the QR tho, it’d be cool if there was somehow a way to distribute POAPs as easily as QR codes but a different method… idk what that would look like, but it would be cool

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  1. POAP Gallery
  2. I’ve been giving away POAPs monthly at Oakland’s First Fridays to commemorate each festival and show everyday people the power of NFTs
  3. We set up a table at each festival and use a magic QR code dispenser to make sure only people inside the festival are getting the POAP
  4. Check out the rest of our drops POAP - The bookmarks of your life
  1. This is the most recent drop I submitted the petition for.
  2. The POAP community call is very special to me. I get to be on the stage of the best Web 3 community call in the ecosystem! I look forward to every Wednesday at 7pm ET in the official POAP discord :wink:
  3. This particular POAP is the final one from the community call to use the DEGEN bot from BanklessDAO. We believed it was a reasonable solution for large scale audiences, but with development being halted we decided to move onto a new method with guild.xyz.
  4. Keep up the energy with the communication with the community!

These are really, seriously awesome.

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Soggy here! Hope I’m not too late. You may have already read the great reply by @Oops going over our many POAP adventures. If you haven’t, check it out (you may even remember us!). I’ve also had the pleasure of creating the POAP artworks for a few really cool events in crypto and NFT history.

Rekt Stoner Cats Mint POAP - This was the first POAP I ever drew. It was distributed to anybody who successfully failed to mint a Stoner Cat at launch. A highly Rekt occasion, and the one that got me hooked on POAPs!

ETH Tokensale Participant POAP - The ETH tokensale needs no introduction, but it does deserve a POAP! Only the addresses of the 8893 contributors of the ETH tokensale are eligible to claim this sucker.

And finally, the Future of E-Learning POAP - distributed to attendees during a live panel hosted by XpertVR and the Toronto Metropolitan University on how technology can advance education and the learning experience.

Really enjoyed reading through everybody’s submissions and seeing the various beautiful works of art. Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

  • I did two POAPs for Index Coop in 2021 for events we hosted - #7600 and #7599
  • I did this as part of an internship and it was empowering to be able to issue a POAP and contribute to the culture of POAPs at Index Coop
  • I manually recorded who attended the meetings and then DM’ed everyone individually with a URL to claim
  • Thanks for the opportunity to issue a POAP, I appreciate there are many considerations around who can issue POAPs
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