We want to recognize all issuers that been responsible with distribution, you are the Model Issuers of POAP!

Overtime, you will help shape the protocol in meaningful ways.

If you are interested in being recognized as a Model Issuer, please reply with the following:

  1. Post a past drop you did. Link to the POAP Gallery URL if possible.

  2. Explain the importance of this memory.

  3. Explain the distribution method you used, and how you ensured it was responsible.

  4. Add anything else you want to say (suggestions, questions, etc), we love hearing from model citizens!

Edit: I want to clarify that while we love collectors, this topic is for Issuers. Please refrain from sharing POAP’s you have collected, that will be for another topic in the coming weeks!

  1. poap.gallery/event/51176
  2. People that visited WalletConnect’s booth at ETHNeyYork got their proof that they have been there!
  3. Unique printed QR cards, where each one of them had a specific QR code that allowed them to mint the POAP. Were distributed IRL in hand
  4. The printed QR cards are incredible.

I did a live drop for those who met me in person! POAP Gallery

It was my first time presenting at an event and I wanted to make it fun and interactive. People who met me at the event and attended my talk got a badge and a POAP. I also organized a raffle for the POAP holders to win an NFT that I minted at the event.

I distributed by converting all unique claim links into a QR code format, and individually printed and pasted these QRs on the back of an actual badge that I had custom made and ordered.

It was a pretty fun event and allowed me to showcase both physical and digital badges and teach people more about NFTs!


Hey POAP Family! Not particularly interested in recognition, but definitely want to help promote Model Issuance! I host several online events for Sushi, Stargate Finance, and LayerZero, so I am a big fan of the DEGEN Bot made by the guys at the Garage from Bankless DAO! This way, it tracks anyone who was in the call for 15 min our more, and allows them to claim it. This has made POAP distribution a breeze, and has gotten POAPs into the correct hands of actual event attendees. A couple of links from past events:

Stargate Community Call

Sushi Forum

These Community Calls/Forums are important for each protocol to recognize those who are coming out and participating, and to help identify the interested community members. I have used the POAPs in the past for Sushi for the Pixel Parties. This was incredible to have so many people join and engage, and be able to dive deeper into the POAP ecosystem! More POAP uses coming in the future from my events :slight_smile:

I recently made an “I Met Tangle” POAP, and began distributing it at EthCC, and used the QR Code Dispenser. That was a really cool and easy way to distribute the POAPs, and I felt it was super important to connect with people who I had met online, but finally IRL! I During EthCC, I was able to meet a bunch of the POAP team, and swapped I Met POAPs with them, so it was a full circle experience. They also got me hooked up with the IYK Dispenser Card, as thats what they were using, and that worked super slick for people to just touch their phones and receive the POAP! Looking forward to getting it all set up!

Thanks again POAP team for making the best bookmarks for our lives :heart:

  1. POAP Gallery
  2. My first “You’ve met”, my first ETH event! This POAP celebrate each memorable encounter with the amazing people that I’ve met there
  3. I used the Magic Dispenser with my phone. Fast, easy to use, easy to claim!
  4. Having the dispenser always ready to use on my phone is simply amazing for “you’ve met me” type of POAPs! Looking forward to try out the NFC cards!!
  1. MARBLECARDS – Twitter collection launch

  2. This POAP was awarded to anyone who minted a Marblecard NFT during the first 24h of the Twitter collection launch. Twitter is a huge website in the NFT space – Marblecards fans were excited to be present and able to mint one of the first cards from Twitter :star2:

  3. The POAPs were given using a POAP delivery which is my favorite mean of distribution. It works perfectly for Marblecards events since we can easily access the list of addresses of minters, it’s also an excellent distribution method to prevent farming.

Nice to see new kinds of topics like this one on Discourse! :raised_hands:

  1. Past drop I created POAP Gallery
  2. It was another week of Happy Hour we had in our community but what sets it apart is that we had so much fun welcoming new community members.
  3. We used delivery method to those who joined in the voice channel in our discord server.
  4. Some question though, is there a way to flag transfers of poaps so as to prevent poap hunters from sharing and grabbing perks our community offers for poap holders.
  1. #1-3 The BitLift Podcast Launch: poap.gallery/event/4939
  2. We’ve released a POAP with every episode of The BitLift Podcast since episode #1! Next month, it will be the 1 year anniversary of our first episode.
  3. Since our very first drop, we’ve been delivering POAP’s via our website using a custom integration with the POAP API. We announce a “secret code” at the end of each episode so only listeners who listen all the way through can claim the POAP. Once the next episode drops, the previous episode’s POAP becomes unclaimable. It’s been tempting to share the “secret code” on social media, but we’ve avoided doing so thus far. We’ve learned a lot about fighting bots and spam in the process =)
  4. In the beginning, we weren’t sure if our concept would be allowed since POAPs were more geared towards “events”, but I think we’ve proven other models work well too. POAP’s expansion towards “moments” and “experiences” as well as “events” has proven to be a positive evolution for the platform.

Rocket Pool Cool

This was a POAP given to anyone who donated to The Water Project fundraiser on behalf of Rocket Pool.

These were manually distributed in cases where people inputted their discord id or email. Since the charity accepts crypto, any wallet address that left a donation had the POAP airdropped. No way to bot this one without also donating!

Charity POAPs are a great way to get community involvement.


I’ve been using POAPs for my Madison Blockchain meetups since the beginning but my favorite has to be the Madison Blockchain ETHDenver 2022 party that we threw with the EthStaker and POAP teams! https://poap.gallery/event/29354

We had arcade games, beer pong, and a fire pit we sat around and discussed the future of POAP and ideas on how to extend its utility. Fittingly we offered a POAP for all guests via an IYK black disc that attendees scanned as they entered our AirBnB. It worked great except for a few cases where NFC didn’t work on phones and I had to send one manually. Scanning NFC devices or chips embedded in clothing or other physically secured items is definitely an easy and reliable method for distribution.


Our design studio, AGNT, just launched a project called the Bourbon Barrel Mission.

As part of the Public Arts Network of Northern Kentucky, we painted and customized 1 of 100 barrels for the NKY Bourbon Barrel Walk, a 12-month art installation that began last Friday. Our barrel is unique in that it contains an embedded IYK disc for minting a POAP at the barrel itself, along with a link to further “mission details” with the opportunity to mint other POAPs along the way.

We’re working with the City of Covington as well as other local businesses to expand on this POAP scavenger hunt over the next year, while also working on token-gating additional content and physical “rewards” such as a free drink at a local bar for anyone that collects all the mission POAPs.

Our biggest hurdle right now is getting the average passerby to stop at the barrel and actually mint the POAP. The “claim via email” process may be a barrier to entry for many folks and we’re looking for ways to improve that for everyone.


Well I have yet to issue any POAP. I have been enjoying creating the designs though. I see the future possibilities and use cases for POAPs. I wish to be a part of this awesome project.

  1. Drops about POAP.in

  2. These POAPs represent POAP.in’s growth. In fact, many milestones deserve a POAP, but I always try to make the images as beautiful as possible, resulting in no time to do so.

    • Public Launch Celebration of POAP.in

      This POAP was to commemorate the release of my app’s beta version. I created an API to distribute this POAP and built in the ability to send claim codes. I restricted IP addresses and devices to ensure that only real users received claim codes.

      I created a promotional video for this that shows how to claim a POAP:


      This POAP was used to commemorate GloryLab’s Twitter followers reaching a thousand people. It may be a controversial kind of POAP, but it did have a lot of precedent at the time, and I alsothink it’s worth remembering.
      I created a Google form to collect the Twitter profile pages and wallet addresses of my followers. After roughly filtering with a script and manually checking those who match the criteria, this kept the farmers out.

    • POAP.in Gitcoin GR14

      POAP.in Gitcoin GR14
      This is a particularly significant POAP because it represents your confidence and support in me. I am extremely grateful and will do everything in my power to make the product the best it can be.

  3. // todo


Great initiative, @Anthony :rocket:

  1. POAP Gallery
  2. This was an internal hackathon where participants and winners got POAPs
  3. I Slack direct messaged claim codes to participants because the event was small
  4. N/A

I love issuing and distributing POAPs! It’s been quite the journey to distribute tens of thousands of codes in both the virtual space, and the meat space. I have drawn, distributed, and celebrated over 100 unique POAPs issued now and it’s brought immeasurable value to my life.

Perhaps some of you have met @SoggyApplePie and I in your travels? :relaxed:

At various crypto events, I’m dressed in a Pikachu onesie, distributing physical stickers of the POAP for that event. Each sticker has a unique claim code printed on the back that is good for one redemption. I approach each person at the event and I ask them if they have received their POAP for attending the event yet. If they say no, I present them with a sticker, and wish them a good day. I will also answer questions or walk them through if they would like. This POAP we are distributing symbolizes The event POAP. @SoggyApplePie and I usually distribute ~2500-5000 stickers to people per event. Because of this wide reach, it is often the POAP that is the most sybil protected representation of the true attendance and engagement of an event. Something that is both great for the community of attendees if they wish to stay connected with their peers, and for the event hosts if they wish to leverage the POAPs for their future events.

NFT NYC 2022 | VeeCon | The NFT Gathering | NFT LA | ETHDenver | Metaverso | Art Basel | DCentral Miami | NFT NYC 2021


Beautiful images @Oops! Really love the main picture.

Keep spreading the word in a Pikachu onesie with @SoggyApplePie and enjoy yourselves :medal_sports: :medal_sports:

  1. POAP - The bookmarks of your life
  2. The first offline charity event for poap collectors. We agreed to contribute to the civilization by cleaning the streets and removing the trash from the lake. Dec 11, 2021.
  3. delivery manually to everyone who joined this event
  4. Use the influence of poap to encourage philanthropy.

Flowcarbon Write-A-Thon #53951
GR14 CO2CULT Give-A-Thon #51398
KlimaDAO Nature photography contest #32909
KlimaDAO DCA Poker Game #30546

Flowcarbon Write-A-Thon #53951 - This POAP was to commemorate those who took part in a writing contest put on for our community.

I had a submission channel within discord that provided a link to a google form where submissions could be made which tracked the discord username as well. Once we confirmed a submission was sent in, a special role was given to that discord user which granted them access to a private channel within the server only accessible by people with that role. In that private channel was a link to a KryptoSign document that users would have to validate their discord account and then they would sign the doc using their digital wallet which records the wallet address. This allowed for me to check those who signed the KryptoSign which records the discord name with my submission forms from the contest, ensuring that only the correct people would be airdropped the POAP. I feel this is one of the more secure methods to prevent POAP farming and reward only those who participate with a commemorative POAP.

I would only suggest that those of us who have proven ourselves to be effective and trustworthy issuers have a streamlined process for POAP approval. Also I would add that referring people to use a paid 3rd party middle man for a more user friendly experience is not the answer if POAP intends to keep with the free to use method.

  1. My recent POAP; Puerto Rico Locals Night

  2. It was a big step toward connecting the community with the most bright minded locals at the Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery. The goal is to bring NFTs & Web3 education to the people, and we love to use the POAP protocol a lot to educate the most we can. :blush:

  3. We used the Magic POAP QR Dispenser with an iPad to distribute the mint links, and it was very efficient and worked like a charm.

Event IRL Preview

We love POAP :yellow_heart:

  1. I enjoy using and sharing the POAP protocol, it definitely bridges all of the missing gaps we needed for so long. Cheers to the team :handshake: