Hi it’s been 24 hours and my poap hasn’t been approved

Event #30127

Hi any help getting my poap approved ?

Hey, can you please clarify:

  • What is the event being commemorated?
  • Where can we find your community?
  • How do you plan to distribute?

If it helps, please read Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops and resubmit your petition when you’re ready.

SentryARG hosted a scavenger hunt in our discord. @FrensStar and @SentryArgs on twitter. I plan to distribute in our discord. The even ended yesterday.

Hey, I see. If I review this, are you prepared to DM the mint links manually, or do you have a list of email addresses or some other semi-automated mechanism? Or, does your community somehow know what the secret word is?

I will give out the secret word. I do not need the links to be approved. I wasn’t sure how to do a secret word at first and accidentally requested links and secret word. We have over 8000 discord members, so I think we will use up all 500. Thanks hoping to get out today :slight_smile:

When you say “give out the secret word”, I’m somewhat concerned that you mean “type it in the Discord chat”. This is likely to result in claims primarily by people outside of your community (colloquially, farmers.)

Can you confirm how you intend on giving out the secret word so that this doesn’t happen?

Please change the title of this post to be formatted like

#[Event ID] [Event Date] [Distribution method]

I’m moving this into the #community:appeals category.