Hi guys! after 4 days my POAP havent been reviewed, please help!

  1. 34908 Drop ID

https://thegamedisease.com/ web site
twitter: https://twitter.com/gamedisease_

Is our fist AMA in twitter spaces with a POAP, coomunity is really exited about having our first POAP

We thought about doing a special room in Discord call “Poap” so attendes can click in the link, go the page and scan the QR code to get the POAP

Maybe I dindt provide enough info before, now I add all the discord, twitter and site links =)

Hope It can be approve soon since in 3 days we hae the event and my job honestly depends on this. Thanks!!

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Hey @marianoariaskahale

Thanks for the context. We see that you have been already received a positive review in another petition, with the same POAP artwork.

Can you clarify why you need both?

For a Twitter Space we highly recommend using Secret Word as distribution method. Here you can find info about Secret: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

hi, thanks for the quick reply!!

In The POAP I had aprroved before the imagen was static (didnt move)… so I had to speak with my designer and ask him to do a new imagen that can be in motion.

When he send it over to me I request a new one, cause my boss need the My boss needs the poap image to be in motion. Thats why.

Thanks for the tip of the secret phrase… I can implement this when mi POAP is aproved?

When I noticed that I needed to change the imagen I first tried to change it but I saw it was not posible to do it even having the edit code.

So I end it (I change the end date to that same day) and I submited a new one with the correct image.

Hope Im being clear, thank you in advance for the help =) Any other doubt I can answer for you please let me know

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Hi Fiorescan!! could u please help me to have my POAP? =)

Fiore, About the secret distribution, ive read that at the time of issuing the POAP we have to put 0 codes, and then enter in the secret site to order the amount we want.

Since Ive already send mine, I should do it once i have the apporval?

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body