Hello from GitPOAP!

Hey POAP frens :slight_smile:

I wanted to share with you a project we’ve been working on called GitPOAP (https://gitpoap.io/). In short, we’re integrating POAP minting into GitHub. This fits under our broader vision of using POAPs to represent professional contributions and accomplishments.

We’ll be launching next week (April 7th) by minting POAPs to the contributors of 15 open source projects in the Ethereum ecosystem (including POAP.fun and POAP.gallery :slight_smile: ). You can find more information about our launch in this post: Launching GitPOAP. GitPOAP exists to memorialize software… | by Colfax Selby | GitPOAP | Mar, 2022 | Medium

My goal for this post is to make the curation team aware of what we’re working on, the standards and review we are conducting internally before sending POAP drop requests, and the cadence & load to expect from the GitPOAP team. We aim to do whatever we can do to be good POAP citizens and follow the best practices so we can create high-quality POAP drops and ease the burden on the curation team.

Who is getting these POAPs?

At the beginning, we’ll be creating drops for annual contributors to each project. Anyone who made a contribution to a given project in a given year will get that year’s annual contributor POAP (ex. 2022 POAP.fun contributor). In the future, we plan to offer more granular parameters (ex. quarterly or release based drops) but for now it will be annual. We determine who is eligible by analyzing the contributor data on GitHub.

How are we distributing them?

Users will log into gitpoap.io with their GitHub account to see what they are eligible to mint. They will be able to mint on gitpoap.io by connecting their Ethereum account and clicking ‘mint’.

This distribution mechanism is similar to POAP.delivery, given that we have determined the eligibility list based on GitHub data, and users are able to mint a given if they have done the associated contribution.

As an added layer of verification, we are requiring users to connect their Ethereum account, instead of typing in their address, since we want to make sure these POAPs surely go to an address the contributor controls. Users will also be able to configure their GitPOAP profile, which will include the ability to feature any POAPs in their collection, more on this after launch :slight_smile:

Content, design, drop requests

Our team will be putting together each POAP drop request. Most of the designs are done in-house by our design team (we’re developing a framework for ensuring high-quality designs). Some are provided by the projects themselves, but they are held to the same standards. All content and designs are reviewed by our team before submitting the drop request. Also, the content will be mostly standardized across the GitPOAP drops.

All GitPOAP drop requests will come from the same email address (I’ll share it privately, it is in the gitpoap.io domain). We’ll be requesting mint links so we can associate them with our users in our database, and we’ll call the POAP APIs to execute the minting.

We aim to make the review process as easy as possible for you, so please do let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

How many POAPs are we talking about?

For our launch, we’re minting POAPs for 15 projects. On average, each project has been around for 5 years, so that is a total of 75 drops. Each drop is likely to have an average of 100 POAP mint links requested. We will be putting in these requests at the end of this week, or early next.

We are next working with a hackathon at Devconnect to mint POAPs to all of the contributors. I expect 15 project POAPs, with 10 mint links each.

Going forward, we will likely be onboarding projects in batches of 10, and it is hard to say the exact volume, but we’d like to mint POAPs for as many open source projects as possible :slight_smile:

We’re super excited to be building on top of POAP and are grateful for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations on how we can improve our process and we look forward to growing the POAP ecosystem with you.


Welcome fam :grinning:



One small step for mankind, one giant leap for GitPOAP.


Way too excited about this.

I can only imagine how valuable it will be for small projects just starting out to incentivize contributions with POAPs.

Also, all of GitHub built on POAP… soon? :thinking::upside_down_face:


Amazing thank you all for your support! I totally agree, POAPs as incentives & recognition for contributions is going to be very valuable.


Hello frens!

My name is Weston Nelson, I am on the core team at Layer2DAO and we love POAPs!

Just wanted to introduce myself here as well!

Layer2DAO is a fast growing community that is focused on expanding the L2 ecosystem, there is a native ERC-20 governance token, $L2DAO, and the team also has several NFT collections across Arbitrum and Optimism!

Cheers! - Weston

Gm frens!

My Name is Matthew. On Twitter I’m @0x3Matt, I founded Metameta Club to help tell African stories by Africans in the metaverse.

I’ll be using POAPs to commemorate event for the Metameta Club community going forward as we are just getting started and we’d want to keep track of our members and supporters every step of the way from day 1.

I love POAPs for allowing us to do this.

Happy to be here and connect with the team and get any insights possible.
Our Twitter is @MetametaClub