Have not received a confirmation email - #41119

Hello, looking to get an update on POAP #41119. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to expedite this procedure.

Thanks for the help.


Please follow this structure or your petitions will be flagged in the future.

  1. Event ID:
  2. Community information ( All relevant socials Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Websites, etc.)
  3. Nature of the event
  4. Distribution Method
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

My apologies.

  1. #41119
  2. https://twitter.com/ZeroFromNexus https://twitter.com/ExploreNexus Nexus Zero (@zerofromnexus) TikTok | Watch Zero's Newest TikTok Videos Twitch
  3. We plan to have a large announcement to our fanbase this week that will explain a large transition coming to our project. Due to the new direction that our project will be taking, we want to commemorate those who we’re our earliest supporters for continuing to stick with us and showing their faith in our team. We anticipate our Virtual Creator Zero to continue his rampant growth, thus his fanbase to increase with him. Which is why it is critical that we are able to provide verifiable proof for our earliest supporters.
  4. We plan to distribute the POAP via POAP websites. This link to the website will be posted directly in our discord channels.
  5. The original submission for the POAP likely did not include sufficient information about the commemoration for approval. I believe that with the updated information here and on the edited submission should provide sufficient clarity for approval.

Hey @slimsanic

Thanks for the info! We have some more questions:

Which are the eligibility criteria to receive this POAP?
What do the users have to do to participate in the event?

Regarding distribution: POAP Website is not the appropriate distribution method for the event you’re planning. Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short mint windows. Usage outside this framework -particularly in virtual environments- will tend to result in exploitation (farming).

We suggest contacting the POAP Customer Support team, they will help you find the best distribution method for your event. You can chat with them via the chat bubble at the POAP website: https://poap.xyz/

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Fio,

I went ahead and contacted POAP customer support, to which I had a discussion with them about various distribution methods. Additionally, they warned that a POAP of this size may require special contact, so I went ahead and emailed the contact they provided me.

The eligibility criteria for this POAP will be that our users we’re members of our discord before May 1st 2022

This POAP will not be used for an event - rather it is to mark a major milestone and turning point in the project’s progression. Users will be expected to read our announcement, that includes brand new details about our project, alongside the claiming of the POAP.

It seems that POAP mint links will be the most secure way to distribute this drop.

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