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Hi POAP team!

I’m writing since I requested a POAP website and I received a letter about the DEGEN bot and the secret word option, but I would like to stay with the website option since when we tried the secret word option it caused trouble for the participants to understand that they need the app + where to write the secret word. I’d appreciate if you could approve my petition before our community call on Wednesday.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey @ikben_han

Websites are appropriate for small-ish events, in real life, with short-ish mint windows. Usage outside this framework (particularly in virtual environments) will tend to result in exploitation (farming). That’s why you were advised on Degen or Secret.

If you need any help with distribution, please contact the POAP Customer Support team :slight_smile:

Hey Fio!

Thank you for accepting the website. I took a look at the Degen bot previously but wasn’t sure about it. I think the concept of the bot is great, I just felt unsure about it when it created channels immediately. I might give it another try and take a better look at it with someone who used it before. :slight_smile:

Fio via POAP Issuers <> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. máj. 30., H, 21:25):

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