Grab a dance partner and try out the new POAP chat app!

Salsa is officially live and you get to have the first dance!

A new web3 messaging platform built on POAP that helps you discover and chat with others in the industry.

Their mission is to show the human side of web3, and one that isn’t just focused on financial speculation.

How you can participate.

1. Download Salsa and post on your feed.

Share why chatting with other POAP holders will change the game, or teach others your favorite dance move. It’s up to you!

2. Reply to someone on the feed.

It takes two to tango (and salsa), so grab a dance partner and say hello!

3. Share your thoughts here on Discourse!

  • How do you plan to use this tool in the future?

  • How might event organizers & issuers use this tool to stay in contact with their collectors?

  • Share anything else that comes to mind!

If you want to learn more about Salsa, read their press release or the Coindesk article.

See you on the dance floor!



Good work team! But it seems that the current PC-side dapp only supports Mac with M1 chip or later.

Unfortunately, my Macbook still uses an intel chip, so I can’t download it on my laptop. This is my PC version, I’m not sure if other users have the same needs as me lol… Anyway let’s see if there is any other similar feedback under this topic :love_you_gesture:

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I also downloaded the app on my iphone, but it seems a bit stuck to use…but nvm, I’ll look into it and see what’s fun inside haha…Wish you all the best in the new week !


One of the best ideas ever! I had this chance to attend the first Pearl’s community call and I heard about this idea to build social graph based on POAP that can send and receive messages, but Salsa is even better than that community call explaination. Of course it’s just the beginning and the app can become better and better everyday but I think it’s great even now. :heart:


The idea is very cool. But needs to work more on it. I like it. It might be better if a group of holders of a poap can chat together


Looks great! Will give it a try

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Connecting POAP issuers and collectors through an NFT is cool. Connecting POAP collectors to other POAP collectors through the serendipity of shared experience might be even cooler. POAPs as bread crumbs to help us find one another in the web3 forest. I love it and think it will be a huge unlock. I’ll be curious to see how might be able to tap into Salsa to foster personal connections not just within guilds but also across guilds. I’m also interested in how use of Salsa might function as a proof of personhood in Sybil resistance systems like Gitcoin Passport.


It is great that Salsa transforms the application of a POAP from simply being a proof of attendance to a means to connect to those with similar experience/interests/skills. To be able to connect with anyone from a past event without having their contact information is really cool :sparkles:. Hence, Salsa makes networking easy. Via Salsa, POAPs can be conveniently considered as identity means as well (please refer to this topic).

PS: I installed Salsa on my iPhone (iOS 16.3.1), but I could not connect it to MetaMask. After clicking on “Connect Wallet” and choosing MetaMask among the options, the wallet pops up, but there is no message to sign to connect to the wallet.
Update: The issue got resolved and attached shows my first post on Salsa feed.

Good Luck to the POAP and Salsa team!


When I reply to someone on the feed it goes straight to DM (private msg). Wish there’s option to keep the conversations in the feed.

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Attended an event together, or participated in a webinar, launch. It’s a unique experience to be reminded of a previous gathering at some point.
Android app login does not have a direct link to the QR code place, you need to find in the settings, not convenient


Hi this is Helena from the Salsa team. Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. It’s great that you’ve been a part of our community since the first community call and have seen the evolution from Pearl to Salss :smiling_face:


Thank you for the feedback. We are currently exploring how we might add groupchat functionality in the future. What types of groups would you be interested in joining?

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I really like the phrasing “POAPs as bread crumbs to help us find one another in the web3 forest” you used :smiling_face:

We are definitely looking into adding other social graphs and identity systems beyond POAPs. Gitcoin Passport could be a good option.

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How do you plan to use this tool in the future?

thats great idea from great team.
A great platform to present resumes and web3 achievements by displaying personal POAPs.
I will definitely use it to show my memories and honors that were immortalized with the help of POAP.

How might event organizers & issuers use this tool to stay in contact with their collectors?
Many times we are owners of POAPs that include rewards and we are not aware that , the project team can inform all owners through this app.
It will also be possible to notify specific POAP owners for DAO contributions and voting, which is great.

Share anything else that comes to mind!

In my opinion, with the possibility of multiplying special poaps, for example, for family events, it can be immortalized with a special POAP


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’re currently building the ability to respond publicly to a post on the feed instead. Will send an update in the app when it’s live and hope you can test it then!

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Thanks for sharing. It’s useful to know that you found it hard to locate the QR code.

Completely agree! We are building out functionality for project owners/brands/creators to help them inform their community about news and utility. Thanks for sharing :pray:

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It’s amazing am very happy to be one of firsts to test new feature. Good job :+1:


looks cool hoenstly, as i’m nft artist i’m gonna give it many tries and also makes me happy to see poap team is working on some products :slight_smile:

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Likelike​:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: good

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I really like “POAPs as bread crumbs to help us find one another in the web3 forest” thx team

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