Gm! Introduce yourself here

It’s important for us to get to know a little about each POAP community member – you’re a key piece of the POAP ecosystem!

Please introduce yourself here! :slight_smile:

Things you may want to include:

  • Who you are and how you discovered POAP
  • How you and your community use POAPs
  • What makes you passionate about POAP
  • What you hope to contribute
  • What you hope to learn
  • A link to your POAP collection
  • etc…

Im whiskey I have been in the space for almost 20 month
first Poap I minted was in Dec21 , I participated an event for Proof of humanity protocol that I participated to learn more about POH and at the end ,they distributed POAPs which I did not know about before . since then I became interested in POAP and joined the community and my second or third poap is POAP community call #1 :slight_smile:

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Welcome @whiskey!

Great journey! :dizzy:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


gm gm!

I’m in the POAP space for a year, but getting some momentum rn :slight_smile:


Hi :wave: Kripotkin here (actually mistyped my own name) discovered POAP in 2020. Not collecting like a maniac but here is my collection

Testing testing testing… so much we can do with POAP


gm @Kripotkin!

You’ve visited the POAP booth, nice! Love your collection :dizzy:

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Welcome @Wuestenigel :palms_up_together:

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Hello, i’m 35yo, from Russia. My activities: Chess, Ski, Poker, Cars.
Professional skills: SEO
Nice to Meet!

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Something big is coming with this project

gm folks!! Glad to be here! :raised_hands:

Aping POAP drops since 2020 :joy:

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Welcome @1337 :palms_up_together:
Thanks for joining the POAP forum!

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It’s good to be here.

gm gm!

I’m in the POAP space for more than 1year, my first poap was poap 1st community call. I’m glad to be among poap community. Look at my awesome POAP collection


I’m in the POAP space for more than a year.

Look at my awesome POAP collection

Brian Quandt: engineer working in the media and entertainment (Hollywood) space. Responsible for at least a small portion of the movie industries tech from production through distribution. Mostly interested in actual engineering details and or design considerations.