GitPOAP at MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon this weekend

Hello POAP frens! Colfax from GitPOAP here :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give you a heads up that GitPOAP will be at the MIT Bitcoin Expo this weekend and we’ll be dropping POAPs to their hackathon participants. I expect that we’ll be submitting ~25 drops for approval across Friday evening through Saturday evening. Each with 15 mint links most likely.

I don’t think I’ve ever submitted a drop on a weekend - do you think they will get reviewed over the weekend or not until Monday?


Hey @colfax!

Thanks for letting us know!

We do curation during the weekends, so they’ll be reviewed :slight_smile: I’ll let everyone know these petitions are coming so they’re aware.

Awesome thanks @Fio !!

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