FreeRossDAO Twitter Spaces 11 February 2022

For attendees of FreeRossDAO’s first Twitter Spaces.

Event ID: #27131
Description: This POAP commemorates FreeRossDAO’s first Twitter Spaces on 11 February 2022. FreeRossDAO is an organization governed by the owners of $FREE, a token that represents fractional ownership in the artistic works of Ross Ulbricht.
Link to Twitter Spaces:
Codes requested: 2000
Distribution method: secret word in POAP app



Your drop was positively reviewed for 200/2000 + additional 40 for your top-up request. :star2: :dizzy:

Curation wants to see how your distribution went for before issuing more mint-links
(Checking for farming etc.)

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frankie, in this particular DAO this is our first POAP but I have watched a video on best practices with regards to POAP for Twitter Spaces and made notes for other team members so we’d really appreciate if we could get more codes approved for the secret phrase - we have a 10k following on Twitter so 40 codes will definitely not be enough and we might end up with a lot of people being upset and having to distribute the remaining 200 POAPs manually - which you can imagine won’t be much fun:D

Would be super grateful if we could get more secret phrase approved codes and we promise we’ll adhere to the best practices recommended!


P.S. I’ve also distributed POAPs manually before in my other project so after spending 4 hours on that would love to avoid having to do that on Twitter haha :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!


We hope that your distribution went well for your 350 audience members
Curation will keep in consideration ,how well this event was distributed, when reviewing your future drops.

The Curation Body always willing to continue review + improve your future drops

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body