FreeRossDAO’s second Twitter Spaces 18 February 2022

For attendees of FreeRossDAO’s second Twitter Spaces.

Event ID: #29160
Description: This POAP commemorates FreeRossDAO’s second Twitter Spaces on 18 February 2022. FreeRossDAO is an organization governed by the owners of $FREE, a token that represents fractional ownership in the artistic works of Ross Ulbricht.
Link to Twitter Spaces:
Codes requested: 500
Distribution method: secret word in POAP app


Sorry, the correct link for Twitter Spaces:


I see you were approved for 100 out of 500 codes.
Is the event today or is it a past event? :thinking: The description of your petition says the event is today but you shared a past event here on the forum. We appreciate if you can clarify this.

The POAP Curation Body


It’s live right now - please see my comment below the post :slight_smile:

Was I approved for 100 secret words or just claim links?

Hey, sorry for the delay. Hope you had enjoyed the event!

It was positively reviewed for 50 mint links and 100 secrets.

For future drops
If you need secrets, the amount of mint links requested should be minimal (5-10 should be fine).

The POAP Curation Body