FREE Class to People Learn About NFT

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  3. Nature of the event
    I have been in the NFT world for almost a year and I have created a large community of Spanish-speaking people and many of them have very little knowledge about web3. Many of them have been HACKED and lost a lot of money, so I decided to start a series of free classes, and those who have the commitment to attend until the end receive a POAP to the commitment to learn. In addition to using that to attract the attention of new people who want to enter the web3 space but still do not do it for fear of being hacked or not having enough information.

  4. Distribution plan
    with a secret word that will be given at some point in class for those who are attentive.
    I plan to use the poaps to give people access to events with recognized people in the Spanish-speaking NFT space with whom I have contact to be able to do live interviews and give very valuable information.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Because it can help many people to understand what they are doing in web3 and give them the tools to avoid losing everything due to a simple mistake or lack of information.

This are the 114 firs persosns interested in the class.

Knowledge is king, @ElMago.

Wishing you well with this project. :trophy:

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Thankss i appreciate your support :heart::slight_smile:

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Hey @nealw

Ty for the context.
Curation made a positive review for 33 mint links on petition #52882.

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