Following up event #83576 positive review . Links needed

1/ Drop ID #83576

Just following up this close topic !

@julie confirmed that the petition received a positive review but the topic is close now.

We didn’t receved any confirmation email & links. I have control the spam but Nothing to be find there.

We really need those links for production.

Can you tell when we will get those links ? We really need them now for production reasons .

many thanks;

Hello @GVprod

Please check your email from 2 days ago

Dear @julie ,

I Really can’t find anything in our spams and junks.

no links.txt.

Can you please confirm at what time it was send ? or the sender email.

The only email we do have is : **New POAP Drop created email **

I hope we can find a solution.

Best Regards,

Hello @GVprod

We are working on this for you please remain in the customer support chat for updates

I dont understand what’s going wrong here … I have check everywhere.

I remain in the customer support chat. where I sent a screenshot of my anti spam

Thanks a lot.

Hello @GVprod

Yes Customer Support is working on getting the email resent to you

We are all set thanks a lot for you time Julie.
We are very happy to do this event. It’s really new for our clients :slight_smile:

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