Follow up on POAP issuance #24236 and #24235


I’d please like to know update of the above POAPs. We wanted to issue poaps to encourage our members to participate in the decisions in our DAO through voting. We have run few voting exercise already and although we have 2500 pixie holders, only a fraction participates in the voting.

The POAPs will be used to kick off the excitement for participating in votes, and once they accumulate i.e. 20 POAPs on voting, the project team will be incentivizing them with an NFT.

POAP is planned to be distributed only to those who voted. They can claim by raising a support ticket with their wallet address within discord channel and we will be able to crosscheck if they have participated using snapshot.

Hope this is favorable.

Thank you very much

24235: 50 POAPS

24236: 170 POAPs

Hey @Womeninnft.eth ! Thanks for submitting a petition with us. I see your petition was submitted 19 hours ago.

I have just responded to your messages on discord. As mentioned your petitions outcome is negative. I’m currently following up with the team for feedback on how to improve your petitions and the reasons behind the result. I will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience .


I really don’t understand why this is declined with no reason why. I see others being approved, I see they serve the same purpose as ours. Our DAO vote is an event in our community, and we jump into calls to celebrate decision. Have I not served the purpose? I understand the issue abt farming, but I don’t think with the method of tracking and distributing that farmers will benefit. This is purely for community.

Hey @Womeninnft.eth,
There is a snapshot integration which lets voters mint their POAP directly on :slight_smile:
Have a look here on how to set that up
How Do I Set Up the POAP Snapshot Plugin? | POAP Help Center

That’s also the reason why you didn’t receive your mint links. Let us know once you finished installing that plugin, so we can link your event with your proposal :slight_smile:

Can we still do it for passed/ closed snapshot events?

Yes, that’s possible.
You just need to tell them to revisit that snapshot to claim their POAP :slight_smile:

Hey, quick followup, are you setting up the plugin ?

Hi yes - I’m getting the admin to do it, he has been busy the past days. Sorry… please give me time. Thank you

Hey, nothing to be sorry about, just wanted to check in if you need any help :slight_smile:
Just let us know when you are ready.

Thank you. We’ve now installed the plugin if we can link these past poaps in them including the third one poap request 25028.

Thanks once again

Hmm, i don’t see the plugin on your proposals :thinking:
btw : You don’t need to request mint links if you want to link POAPs to proposals.
Just input 0 in the “Amount of codes” field.
And i see that you have 2 proposals in the description for event 25028.
Which one do you want to link it with ?

For both please bec that aligns to the same event.

Got confirmation from our admin that he has installed the plugins, but he did say he cannot back track for previous events. Could that be the reason? We followed the instructions you sent

I’m actually not sure if it’s possible to link a POAP to 2 proposals.
You could just create a different event with a slight variation on the artwork. Like adding a title.

About the plugin, that’s weird. He just needs to add the “POAP Module”, no need to do anything specific to a proposal.
Once done, there should be a “I voted POAP” box on every proposal.

We’ve checked and that option you’ve highlighted is not available. We have issue with backdating with snapshot. It does not allow us to install plugins to previous vites

I’ll split the previous poaps as suggested

Hi we have a new voting event, can you pls link poap #25403 - WOW Pixie Virtual Land Vote to Snapshot

Hey @Womeninnft.eth,
We are in the process of linking your events to your proposals.
We are currently linking these :

Event ID: 24235
Proposal ID: 0x26acf31453c15b685ae8d8c78dd60695ba4a562556532c40c5a132bfa0f25e7c
Snapshot : Snapshot

Event ID: 24236
Proposal ID: 0x5399bf4becc178d22e38bd26f0d1a5fd0ebc8b9dee2291961ac6a118843f2a38
Snapshot: Snapshot

Event ID: 25403
Proposal ID: 0xeae1a7f43103e7346d1ffb584c62cf9abf24b151ad683b5b0a2b71308f70e51f
Snapshot: Snapshot

btw : Could you next time use the same formatting as shown above ? It makes it a lot easier for us.
Did you already split 25028 up ?

Hey @Womeninnft.eth,
We linked your events now! :slight_smile:
I see that you opened another thread with more events to link, i will close this thread now.