Follow up on #55768

Hello, would like to follow up the above poap. Thanks

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:ocean: :wave: @Womeninnft.eth

Congrats! your request for 20 Mint-links has been reviewed with positive results.

Unfortunately, we cannot make a positive review of a past twitter spaces request.

However, we can issue more mint-links for the attendees that you can verify.

Please create a top-up requst

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hi Frank, I’m following up more on the 300 secret code, the space will happen soon, appreciate if that will be processed asap.

:wave: :ocean: @Womeninnft.eth

Just to get clarity, has your event taken place yet? If not, when is it taking place?

If it has not taken place yet, you need to shorten the mint-window to a few hours, this will allow Curation to process your request.

The problem with that is the timezone. I’m on GMT +10 amd I had issues shortening the mint period only to find out either it was scheduled in the past or scheduled in future. It is difficult to quantify. Can I get this issued ASAP the event is happening shortly!

:wave: @Womeninnft.eth

Please shorten your Mint-window to the duration of your event.
We will be able to process your request after you make this adjustment.

Done pls process asap. Thanks

Hey @Womeninnft.eth

Ty for editing the mint window.
Unfortunately, it was still long. Mint window should be the shortest possible (preferably minutes, rather than hours)

Long mint windows increase the likelihood that your Secret is leaked and your POAPs are farmed.

Next time, please consider having a mint window of 30 minutes max.

Let us know if you have any questions!