Follow up on #49586 - Decent DAO Genesis

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    Internal in-person team event at our DAO

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    Direct outreach via our Discord

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    Not sure!

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Can you please add more detail to your drop’s description.
What happened during your internal event? Why is this a remarkable bookmark!?
You can make the drop private if you like as well :slight_smile:

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Hi @frankie ,

Thanks for your response. I’ve just attempted to make the drop private, but am getting an EDITION_EXPIRED error popping up when trying to save. I’ve made sure to enter my “edit code” before clicking “Save”.

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Can you please contact the POAP Customer support team?

hi @frankie @Fio

support was able to make the drop “private”. is there anything else i need to do, or are you able to approve the POAP for distribution now?

Hey @trainface!

Please check Frankie’s questions:

At our internal event, we spent a week working in-person to discuss how our DAO (which is the evolution of a traditional company that had been operating for ~5 years) that we’ve morphed into a DAO this year).

These plans included: our mission and values; the impact we wish to have on the world; the work that it’d take to get us there; and the roles and responsibilities of each core member.

This was remarkable for the 1.5 dozen core members of our DAO, as it was the first time we had all met in person, and the first time we had really sat down and mused on the impact of the work that we do, our bigger goals, and how we would get there.

@Fio @frankie any updates? Thanks!

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