Fee for Migrating POAP to Mainnet

I was surprised today when I went to migrate one of my POAPs to mainnet that there is now a 0.1 ETH fee associated with it. To be clear, I think this is a smart place for POAP to potentially generate some revenue, so I’m not opposed to the fee itself, but I did think it was high.

I’ve only ever migrated one POAP before, and it was a “gas only” transaction then.

I would be curious to hear about background on this. I have no data, but personally a 0.01 ETH fee would be fine to me, but 0.1 ETH is a big jump. It made me wonder how many do migrate, and if there might be more than 10x demand at 1/10th the price.

At 0.1 ETH I don’t think I will ever migrate a POAP. At 0.01 ETH I would still consider migrating special POAPs, and I would be happy that the ETH is going to POAP to run the organization.


As I thought about this more it feels to me like the 0.1 ETH is about deterring people from migrating POAPs to mainnet and then attempting to sell them.

I think there is also a case to be made for having special POAPs that you want to adorn in some way, including upgrading to mainnet. I would argue that should be a 0.01 ETH service and could perhaps be some new feature of POAP.

Not sure what could be added to the POAP in addition to migration, but it would be fun to explore.

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FWIW, I strongly agree with this. 0.1 feels pretty insane lolz… would also call out that this greatly limits POAP composability, and neutralizes the protocol on mainnet.

Thanks for the post @OKDuncan… I figured this would have gotten more attention but very few people are probably moving POAPs to mainnet, especially at 0.1 ETH.

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Assuming nobody is moving to mainnet tbh heh… I agree 0.01 is a more reasonable fee!

I agree with 0.1 ETH is too high but my problem is that nowhere in the page indicated that there will be 0.1 ETH fee for migrating. So this can manipulate users to mistakenly pay 0.1 ETH which is not honest way to generate revenue. That’s what happened to me