Extended or proggramed secret pass POAP

~hi there
working as DM at PublicPressure and would like to know how i could do a programmed 2000 secret drop ( based on the window of time being low )
and how in general would work to make large drops for online concert attendants

Hey @biosensei

POAP has created a variety of different distribution methods to guarantee that POAP issuers can get POAPs into the hands of everyone who shared the experience being commemorated.

For online events, there are several options:

1- POAP Secrets: The recommendation is to have a 15 minutes mint window, and distribute the POAPs at the end of the show. You can request the POAPs in advance.
Here you can find the Secret Word Guidelines.

2- POAP Mint Links: Mint links are unique links that entitle collectors to mint one POAP via the standard POAP claim flow. Distributing mint links is one of the more secure methods of POAP distribution, as it’s difficult for one person to secure multiple mint links.
You can use the POAP Magic Dispenser for easy distribution.

3- POAP Delivery: you can collect the ETH Addresses of the participants and distribute the POAPs after the concert. It’s important to verify attendance. You can do it by asking 2-3 questions about the event.

Q: What’s your event about? On which platform are you hosting it?

Hi Fio

i have already read the options and in all of those one issue is remaining which is - how can i mint something like 2000 links, either if its mint links or secrets?
in the specific for secrets how could we coordinate a creation and review of a secret poap

im using a mix between discord/guild and emails
im aware of the pros and cons of each option.

the event is a proof of whitelist attendance that i will cross information with emails obtained at entry and gate it to a discord chanel with guild

i just need to know if its possible to mint private 2k links and how to proceed

Hey @biosensei

Can you describe your event?

1- What’s the nature of it?
2- When and where is it?

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “if its possible to mint private 2k links and how to proceed”…

You just need to submit a POAP petition: How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop? | POAP Help Center

Its a private event that already happen and was gathered emails as user identification

its a proof of attendance for a whitelist
its gona happen a secondary event on discord with dates tba
During next month there will be a complementary online event to distribute the POAPS and gate them as role for a private discord chanel.

Well tbh the person who quite doesnt understand its me, i have been testing your platform for the last 10 hours - got caught with all sort of blocks and issues from reviews that lead me to contact the platform to pass each of them, but still, after the limit of 10 mints which was the main cause of contact no one can tell me how to mint more? i can post a email from your support saying that i cant mint more than 1000 without contact , which im trying … but its getting frustrating at this point.

contact support, contact via email and now im here and still no one can answer : how to mint 2000 links instead of the limited 10 that you give as private test option? i dont understand the difficulty of this question and why i need to ping pong so many chats to have a answer … thanks

Hey @biosensei

What’s the event ID of the test you created?

Issuers may mint test POAPs to explore platform functionality and claim mechanics, but 2,000 POAPs for testing are not allowed. Between 5-15 POAPs should be enough for testing.

Also, here are the guidelines for past events POAP petitions: How Can I Distribute POAPs for Past Events?