Extend mint for just one link

  1. Drop ID
    #55983 Millsverse Announce Their First Book NFT
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Godfather of British comics Pat Mills and his wife and indie publisher Lisa announce their plans for first book nft collection (article to be published once POAP is approved). Issuing POAPs is a great way to get early supporters on board. There’s a lot of web3 hostility in comics and number of POAP take-ups will enable us to accurately gauge support.
  4. Distribution plan
    Readers comment at end of article to request POAP. We send a mint link to their email address.
  5. Request to extend mint period for one person
    One of our supporters missed their chance to mint their POAP. They are very supportive of our Web3 venture, but have never set up a digital wallet before and the drop coincided with them going on a family holiday. The would love a second chance to to to get their first ever POAP.
    I don’t know if it is possible, but I would like to help them. I can supply their unique mint link on request. Thank you :fist:
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hello @LisaMills

If I am understanding correctly you need a few more mint links?
If this is the case you can request a top up using the edit code in the admin panel of your drop to request more codes. Just ask for a minimum of 3 more to cover anyone who may still need to claim.

Actually disregard. I see the event has expired.
create a new one with same artwork and state that you need a top up of 3 mint links but the original event expired.

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Hi Julie,

Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. My mint period has expired (ended on 29th). I’d like to extend the mint period so that a friend can mint their POAP. I sent them their mint link, but they missed the mint window. How do I do that? Can you extend it for another few days, or for example, make it available only for my friend to mint using their unique link? I’m not sure how it works.

No my fault I didn’t see that the event expired.
Create a new petition with same artwork and state that you need a top up of 3 mint links but the original event expired.

Thank you Julie that’s great. I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

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