Events been stuck in review for almost 48 hours

1 Event ID’s 42454, 42455, and 42570
3. Event- POAPs were created for participants of a Twitter Raid
4. Distribution method, manually hand out claim links
5. No idea as to why the POAPs are being held up. Our team, Planktoons, sends in POAPs to be approved 2-3x a week. I opened up this ticket because I wanted to know why the approval process is being held up.

:wave: @spree

Your distribution is usually pretty good! However these POAPs go against our guidelines & best practices.
Event 42570 is for a 1/1 Mint-link with no additional context.

Unfortunately for these reasons, they have been reviewed with negative results.

Events: 42455 & 42454 respectively are clear examples of engagement farming.

Using POAPs to generate new follower engagement is against our policies.
Additionally, the collectors who redeem this type of POAP, typically do not truly engage with the communities they mint POAPs from. They try to redeem as many POAPs as possible, in the hopes the will be able to extract value from it in the future.POAPs are meant to bookmark life’s remarkable moments.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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