Event not in person, but diverted from website to magic poap dispenser #67218

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future modern

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pitching the most fun, inclusive game studio in web3

web3 gaming isn’t fun. led by experienced indie game devs, future modern gaming develops games that are fun to play first and foremost, with web3 integration imbuing digital assets with inherent use value.

the poap will direct our pitch recipients to a game already released by our indie game dev, while meta-demonstrating the future of distributing video game intellectual property through nfts.

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pitch viewers will scan a qr code subtly placed in our deck.

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the curators want us to use the magic poap dispenser instead of a website, because they think the event will happen in person. however these pitches mostly happen remotely through video conference.

swapping the qr code in the deck per scan is cumbersome and error-prone, especially if multiple people want to claim the poap during the same pitch. let us get one qr code that multiple people can scan over the course of the raise.

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Hello @afuturemodern

The POAP KIOSK (Magic QR Code Dispenser) can be used via video conferences
It is the best way to responsibly distribute the mint links.

Here is the integrations page for your reference:

The website is not the proper distribution method for your event and use case.