Event in 1 hour - appeal

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information

  3. Nature of the event
    The Gitcoin Grant GR15 Give-A-Thon for climate

  4. Distribution plan
    secret code

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    It was a duplicate due to have made a mistake on the first, and we had issues with putting in too long a window

Thanks a million!

Yikes! Looks like we must have done something wrong on all of them.



Hey @xargs

Secret is not the appropriate distribution method for this type of event. Secret is appropriate for online live events, where you can announce the word verbally.

Here you can read the Secret Word Guidelines.

Q: Do you have a list of the Ethereum addresses of the contributors?

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thanks! yes, we are doing twitter spaces with a 10 minute window.

this is what we intended:

POAP id POAP StartTime POAP EndTime
65794 1:50 pm 2:00 pm
65713 2:50 pm 3:00 pm
65714 3:50 pm 4:00 pm
65715 4:50 pm 5:00 pm
65717 5:50 pm 6:00 pm
56719 6:50 pm 7:00 pm
54720 7:50 pm 8:00 pm
65722 8:50 pm 9:00 pm
65724 9:50 pm 10:00 pm
65725 10:50 pm 11:00 pm
64726 11:50 pm 12:00 am
65727 12:50 am 1:00 am
65728 1:20 am 1:30 am
64729 1:50 am 2:00 am

i see that we failed to get that info into the descriptions. we have updated, hope it will help.

Hey @xargs

Are all these POAPs for the same event?

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Yes and no. lol. it is a 14 hour twitter space marathon with a different guest every hour. I appreciate you.

Each hour of the event has a different host and theme. I am sorry that i didn’t realize this was an unusual way to do things. I work with The Noun Square Team and we have done this before on a 24 hour event. I think Patricio may have pushed that one through.

Hey @xargs
Sorry for the late reply.
Curation rejected your petitions for several reasons:

- Sizing: 1,400 POAPs were a lot for the number of people that participated.

- Number of POAPs: 14 drops for a single event are a lot. POAPs are precious collectibles, and they can be issued for special events and memorable moments.

If we had known the campaign with enough time, we could have helped, I’m sorry. Since it’s a past event now, we could approve a small number of mint links for speakers and the most engaged users.

Let us know your thoughts.