Event ID: 64437 changing mint links to secret word

  1. Event ID - 64437

  2. Description -

House of Abstract is more than an exhibition, it is a collective of abstract artists navigating a quickly evolving metaverse. We are a global community at the intersection of a technological revolution and an art renaissance that has come together for a conversation. Featuring the work of 36 artists.

  1. Date

Today Sept 16

  1. Codes Requested

I am trying to use a Voxel POAP dispenser, third party. I accidentally requested mint links when I was working through the issue with POAP support. I have now requested a Secret Word instead. I would appreciate any help that I can get as this event is in a few hours.

  1. Distribution Method

Ideally through a POAP voxel dispenser which is installed in our metaverse build. If not, then we will use a secret word distributed to those who join on live audio during the event.

Thank you!!

:wave: :ocean:@InvisibleLotus

Secret-Word isn’t the best way to distribute POAPs for metaverse events, especially a 2 day long metaverse event. We want to make sure only your community receives your POAPs. :smiley:
A distribution duration longer than 15 minutes could compromise your drop.

Also, your request for Mint-links has been positively reviewed for 100 Mint-links :tada:

Mint-links are typically used for all dispensers.

Can you post the URL to the POAP Dispenser you are utilizing?

Hi frankie, I chatted with Tech support via the POAP website for several hours leading up to the event last week, I followed all of their advice, including setting up a Discourse account. Your message is appreciated, though at this moment it is pointless. The event concluded last night. We ranked #4 for traffic on Voxels with nearly 1500 visitors in 48 hours. Unfortunately the POAP dispenser never worked with the mint links I received. Sadly we had many participants who wanted to collect a POAP but we have no method of distribution for the mint links at this point. Also I still have no idea of where the dispenser set up failed. So I will be hesitant to ever issue a POAP again.

:wave: :ocean:@InvisibleLotus

POAP is a public good that also provides select enterprises services.
You are not paying for a service. It can take 24-48hrs after posting on discourse to review a petition.
A live Curation Body of humans review each petition.

I do see that your petition was posted more than 48hrs ago & I apologize for the frustration this caused.
I also apologize for you being over routed.Currently, discourse is the only place to appeal a petition.

These guidelines will give a little more insight into The Curation process & Methodologies:

Any 3rd party integration is actively maintained & controlled by that org. [ In this case voxels]
If there is down time we will make a post or notice on our site as soon as it’s reported.

We have all live & supported integrations located in All Resources | POAP Directory
However, the Voxels dispenser is not currently listed.

From my personal knowledge, I believe the Voxels dispenser is still in development

This would have all be very useful information to have received in the several hours that I was chatting with support via the website, before they suggested it was a curation issue and rerouted me to Discourse. I think your public services fails to be accessible. And support for you public service is ever less accessible. As a public service I would hope to see you building an inclusive community that was accessible to all. My experience has been nothing of the sort.

I hope that my comments are constructive. This is my 4th POAP issuance and each time the experience has been similar.