Event ID #38981 4/17/21

#38981 4/17/21 POAP

(originally created 200 links, we thought we had run out based on the error response the first day, so I then ordered 400 more in anticipation of larger traffic, but only after the request noted that we had not sold nearly enough tickets to warrant having run out, and then on review noted that we had been limited to less than 200 drops, but figured you would see my request and we would follow up when I wasn’t shooting AMAs, then noticed that it has started minting again, but upon sending folks who had asked for it previously out to test, they were unable to get more, so I figured it was time to check in here)

“I asked for X POAPs, but got Y POAPs.”

This is probably my fault, and the result of poor design choices made at the last minute due to a change in plans from the Festival committee.

Originally, this had been a plan to reward voters with a POAPcorn.

Then there was concern that only ticketholders could vote, and even though we had planned a POAP for all Official participants, so that they did not have to purchase a ticket to watch the show, the committee still wanted to reward attendees who were there to suppor the artists during AMAs throughout the weekend who did not purchase a ticket, so we split POAPcorn to both an Attendee reward and a I Voted reward, and did the I Voted reward as a Drop request, and the Attendee reward via the original idea to mint it from the POAPcorn booth in the theater lobby.

With short turnover time, and not a lot of review we put this through hoping for some clemency due to the 1 time nature of the event and the limited location and runtime.

However, in retrospect, it is fairly clear that we should have used a Secret.

Is there a way for us to swap this over to a Secret method of distribution? I have seen several of these done, but not set one up myself before.

We have extended the run of the festival by a day, it will be running until 2pm EST on Monday afternoon, and there are at least 2 individuals who really, really wanted some POAPcorn to remember the Genesis Festival by.

If it is not possible to reload the links to the website, is it possible to obtain 2 links for those folks who have waited patiently while we discussed the petition here?

Thank you very much for running this program, I think POAP is a great onboarding tool, and respect whatever decision you come to.


@IxaBrjnko on twitter

Hey @heterotic

Thanks for the context!

There have been only 49 mints of your POAPs:

Can you please try editing the Expire date and distributing the remaining POAPs?

Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Unfortunately, on refreshing and accessing via the website page I am now getting a 404, can you confirm?

I did use the edit code to create a request to extend the minting period by one day:



Hey Petra!

It seems your website has expired on April 14th:

How many people didn’t receive the POAPs?

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We had 3 specific requests from folks <3


:wave: :ocean: @heterotic
Congrats!! Your top-up petition has been reviewed with positive results :star2: :dizzy:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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