EVENT ID: 25476 VeeGinaz Spotlight on Alen Clo 2-2-2022

This POAP commemorates VeeGinaz ClubHouse show on 2-2-2022. Our spotlight guest, Alen Clo, is an international artist who has expanded her talents to the NFT space. VeeGinaz is honored to also have Mariel aka LunaM as our first guest cohost of 2022. Mariel has been a member of the VeeGinaz community from day 1 and we are so excited to share the stage with her!

Attendees received this POAP to celebrate their participation at our show. Each attendee is DM’d the secret word during the show. Unknown attendees are saved for last in our distribution as a safeguard against POAP farming. VeeGinaz is committed to ethical distribution of POAPs and appreciates our community’s support in valuing our POAPs as special tokens for our guests and attendees.

VeeGinaz was created in July of 2021 when Alissa Jordan, Sara Jones, and Amanda DiGuardia went into their own room on CH to discuss how tired they were of the bro culture within the NFT space. They were constantly being spoken over and frustrated that many female community member’s projects were being overlooked and ignored. What started out as the 3 people making jokes about all of this and complaining, grew legs, FAST! Many other women in the community felt the same way and asked them to make our club more formal. HERE WE ARE! 3 VeeFriends who decided to create a show and a COMMUNITY! WELCOME TO VEEGINAZ!


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