Event id :#24418 Received codes

I run the community of twitter user named Orwelleth (@0x_orwell). We have 8 thousand followers on Twitter and a discord channel of 500 people.

We wanted to organize a poap event for the community. We are planning to hold the event on our discord channel via poap-bot. I’m thinking of dropping the mint link to those who come to our discord channel and reach a certain level. I have added a discord bot to my channel and when they type the secret word into the poap bot they will get a link. They will click on that link and mint it. I created a content with an illustration of George Orwell in the content. He is a favorite author of the page owner and as you can see from his twitter profile. George Orwell has a special place in our community. Because they have been our followers for a long time. This is how we wanted to reward it. It would be ready for mint today if there were no problems. But we can’t activate mint due to some problems. I would be glad if you help.

Hello ElSvastika

This event is already being discussed other posts. There’s no need to create multiple for the same event.

Kevster from the Curation Body

I struggled with this for 3 hours yesterday still not being told what to do. I created a petition 5 times, the only thing I was told. “how are you going to do the drop and it’s summer in english.” Tell me “We didn’t approve it”. Let me create an event again. Either help or I’ll create an event again. It’s that simple. I’ve been dealing with this for 3 days.