Event ID 23201- VeeGinaz Spotlight on A Bug Travels Far

On 1-19-2022, VeeGinaz interviewed Doreen Cummings, the creator of A Bug Travels Far! A Bug Travels Far is the first LGBTQ+ NFT Book project that will launch in February 2022! This POAP is being used to celebrate those who attended this show and showed support to our amazing spotlight guest! Show attendees were DM’d individual mint links to redeem their POAP towards the end of the show. VeeGinaz is committed to ethical distribution of POAPS and takes great measures to avoid farming! Please help us in prompting ethical POAP distributions by valuing our POAPS as valued tokens of participation in our show!

VeeGinaz was created in July of 2021 when the 3 women Alissa Jordan, Sara Jones, and Amanda DiGuardia went into our own room on CH to discuss how tired we were of the bro culture within the NFT space. We were constantly being spoken over and frustrated that many of our female community member’s projects were being overlooked and ignored. What started out as the 3 of us making jokes about all of this and complaining, grew legs, FAST! Many other women in the community felt the same way and asked us to make our club more formal. HERE WE ARE! 3 VeeFriends who decided to create a show and a COMMUNITY! WELCOME TO VEEGINAZ!

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Also- I had hoped to get 25 mint links and get 75 secret word but had repeated rejected authentication attempts when I went to Manage Secrets so I went ahead and requested an additional 75 manual mint links. We have a big show on Wednesday and I want to make sure our amazing audience is accommodated. We are giving away VeeCon Access at our show!

Hey @Schmupergirl,
Your event got positively reviewed by the curation team.
Please reach out to support under https://poap.xyz regarding your authentication issue. Just click on the chat icon on the right bottom corner to get connected.
Maybe you just entered your edit code wrong ?

Thanks! It appears the issue was that I was searching by the event name and not event ID. When I tried to authenticate with event name it wouldn’t work. When I used ID number it worked. I went ahead and requested 50 secret word redemptions now that I got it to work.