Event ID: 22296 Welcome to WAARP NFT #2 / Wednesday January 12 @ 11 AM EST POAP REQUEST

Hi there,
Thank you for helping me push this through. We held our first POAP ever two days ago and it was a real success. We are now introducing more people in the NFT space to our project and our giveaways partner GoEco - the event will be on twitter spaces.

While the event is taking place on twitter spaces the POAP will be given away in our discord. We are requesting to have a secret code as an easier method to distribute the POAPs (and if this is not allowed, can you please provide me with enough codes to distribute, though that will take a few hours to pass them all out). As the call to action is to bring people into our discord, get them verified with a special role, we wanted to do the secret code in a hidden channel that will reveal for 10 minutes after the twitter spaces to the people who end up joining our discord and verifying. After this 10 minutes period is up, the channel will close permanently.

Thank you very much!
titch (adamtitcher@gmail.com)

our website is weareallredpandas.io
our discord channel is http://discord.gg/xzyH2jaChd
our twitter handle is @waarp_nft

Hey @titch :slight_smile:
Your event was positively reviewed for 100 secret codes by the curation body.
But the way you are distributing it could lead to farmers getting all your mints, it would also not be a proof that someone attended the Twitter spaces event.
Usually secret codes are distributed verbally, so that people that actually listen can get a chance to mint it.

Thank you for the insights. I will continue to improve my process moving forward.