Event happening Tomorrow still no POAP code recived :(

Hello, I’ve requested my first POAP over 24hs ago and have not received my confirmation email yet.

My event is tomorrow so I’d like to know what I can do to have it ready by then :slight_smile:

I think my POAP code is #83276

Sorry, first time using the platform so I’ll welcome any advice on how is best to do this, thanks!

Hey @WeAreBitcoin :wave:

It seems like your drop was already approved 2 days ago.
Can you check your spam folder?

If you can’t find it, just try to request a top-up using the “Request more codes” button on the top right corner of your event details page.


OMG! how silly haha it was in the spam folder XD

Haha, happens to all of us :slight_smile:
Have a happy event!

Closing this thread.

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