Event 84232 - Delivery Awaiting Approval for GYSR

  1. Drop ID - Event #84232 (delivery #3157)

  2. Community information

GYSR is a zero code launchpad for liquidity mining, NFT staking, governance rewards, token distribution, and much more. It makes incentives easier, more accessible, and safer for both the creator and the investor. The platform is decentralized, fully on-chain, configurable, and compatible with any ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens.

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  1. Nature of the event

To celebrate our 2-year anniversary, users who have staked with us at any point in those 2 years will receive this POAP. Then, we will create a raffle using this POAP as one of the tickets to raffle off GYSR-specific NFTs.

  1. Distribution plan

Delivering directly to the wallets who have staked using GYSR over the past 2 years

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

This is my first time submitting for a POAP so I might need some more guidance if it does not look like an adequate submission

Hey @jebbathehut
We’re happy to check on the status of your petition.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hello @jebbathehut

The Curators have reviewed this petition.
In order to make this a more unique and memorable POAP Drop we suggest that you edit the delivery address list down to only those who have been staking for two years.

Once you have that list please resubmit the delivery with those addresses that have been staking for the entire two years

Hey @julie - thanks for the quick review! Because of the mechanics of our platform (over 450 different pools deployed so far), this is the fairest way for us to reward users. Users may have staked in different pools and supported various projects deployed on GYSR throughout the past 2 years, so we don’t want to arbitrarily reward stakers in pool/project X over pool/project Y. Additionally, the platform encourages users to stake and unstake at various points, so there would be almost no wallets with a continuous 2-yr stake in any 1 pool. Hope that helps clarify things but let us know if we need any further edits!

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Hello @jebbathehut

Is there a way to see who staked the largest amounts or the earliest stakers (first 3 months)?

Hey @julie - this is part of a larger marketing strategy we started with POAP over a year ago, and we’d really prefer to keep this criteria if possible! We don’t want to reward only whales who staked the most, or disadvantage new joiners - we’d like to continue to recognize all of our supporters, big and small.

Are there some specific limitations you can share on POAP deliveries? The list is still relatively small at ~5000 and on the same scale as our GYSR silver delivery from last year.

Hi @julie - we received a notification that the delivery was rejected, but still haven’t received an explanation as to why. Even after we laid out the mechanics of our platform and why the POAP was structured this way to continue the marketing effort we’ve already started with POAP, it was rejected with the last post on this thread being our explanation. Could we please revisit this or at least get a specific response about what would have led to an approval?


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Just tweeted about this one. I don’t know the details but wtf?

Hey @jebbathehut,

POAP is an ecosystem for the preservation of memories This means that each event that is celebrated should be memorable for collectors. When people receive a POAP, they have a precious collectible that lasts forever.

Although the celebration of the 2-year anniversary is memorable for GYSR as a brand, the way this campaign was intended to be executed is outside the bounds of what POAP is created to do (POAP for staking isn’t a use case we support) and, particularly, the eligibility criteria seem a bit broad-- literally, every user would receive this POAP.

As @julie recommended, the best option here would be to rethink the criteria to distribute this POAP to the members of your community that support you the most. Can you please review your strategy to comply with the POAP Guidelines?

Julie and I are here to help you, let us know if you have any questions!

Hey @epowell101

POAP is a protocol for issuing collectibles that represent culturally significant collective memories. In recognition of that challenge, POAP is a curated ecosystem. Each petition is manually reviewed by the Curation Body, and after an issuer submits an appeal, the petition goes under manual review and team discussion. That’s why sometimes the response takes a while.

Issuers should be patient and collaborative since they’re making use of a public good. And, most importantly, they must understand and comply with the issuer guidelines.

We appreciate your feedback; we’re learning and improving constantly. Our goal is to help issuers to drop their POAPs, but first, we need to understand the use case, eligibility criteria, and ways of distribution so that only the significant events are stored forever in the blockchain, and only those who actually took part in that event receive the POAP.

Open to hearing your thoughts. Thanks!

Seems like a lot of centralization tbh. I guess I just didn’t realize that you were reviewing for example community engagement plans to see if they make sense. How can you keep up with the demand and learn the particulars of each case? It is a good problem to have I guess…

Wearing another hat - in addition to curmudgeon comments on forums - I am helping w/ the open data community, founded by gitcoin. If there is a need for data scientists to assist in determining whether those applying for POAPs are Sybils or not - maybe we could collaborate on the topic.

For example in an upcoming hackathon we could have a bounty focused on protecting POAPs somehow. Just an idea.

Hey friend,

POAP is a curated ecosystem.

We made this decision consciously and early on. As you know, most of the content you see that is consumer-facing throughout life is curated. IE: Netflix, YouTube, OpenSea, App Stores, etc.

While a curation process can seem expensive, annoying, unfair and too rigid; the benefits enjoyed by consumers and most humans is worth the cost.

POAP is an ecosystem for memories - a curated ecosystem for memories.

Deeper explanations will be provided over time, I would suggest these two as a starting point:

  1. Introducing the Curation Body. What does a decentralized organization… | by Isabel Gonzalez | POAP | Medium
  2. POAP Issuer Guidelines
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Hi @julie @Fio @Anthony thanks for taking the time to review and share some suggestions here.

Agreed! In our case, we view the memorable event as the first time a user interacts with the GYSR platform, a new web3 technology, during its early days.

We actually did an almost identical POAP delivery last year that included all users, just separated into various tiers (e.g. silver tier)

We still have a relatively small user base, and as an open, community-driven tooling platform, we really do consider our early adopters to be our most meaningful contributors.

Also an aside, we did have this animation created specifically for the “early adopter” criteria, so we’d have to go back and commission a different design if we changed things.

And for some context, we are planning to use this POAP as an input to a raffle for a set of 1/1 commemorative NFTs. So we are hoping to include our entire (small) community in the drawing!

All that said, if you still really do not feel that this criteria qualifies as “memorable”, we can go back to the drawing board and come up with something else.

Thanks again for the time and consideration!

Hi @julie and @Anthony - using the feedback you provided about generating a more exclusive list that more “accurately rewards those invested in the community”, we have a smaller list that we think accomplishes this. We’d issue this POAP to a list of users who have spent GYSR to boost their rewards within one of the pools created within our first 2 years - this will help trim the list down to only our most active and committed community members. Would that be acceptable?


How many people would be on that newly curated list?

hey @julie - that would trim it down to just ~2200 users!

Submit an appeal for the event 84232 and we will handle in the new software
I will alert the Curators that the appeal in incoming


Also you will want to submit the new delivery with the ETH wallet addresses that you would like to include in the delivery - please keep submit it under the original event id 84232
thank you!

Thanks @julie - just created the below delivery, still under the event id 84232!

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