Event #56525 - Delivery Missing or Delivery Approval

1. Drop ID

2. Community information
Website: https://www.apollocrypto.org/
Contest: https://app.apollocrypto.org/
Existing POAPs: POAPs - Apollo Crypto DAO

3. Nature of the event
POAPs are rewarded to community members that vote in the weekly Creator Contest

4. Distribution plan
Using the Delivery method by providing a list of addresses

5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
I don’t think it is being held back. I think there is a software bug in the system when creating POAP Deliveries. I have run into this issue repeatedly as I have created 11 POAP Drops and Deliveries over the past weeks.

Hey @hegemony

Q: What do people have to do to vote?
How are you verifying participation?

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Howdy @Fio

Voters must hold the $APOLLO token to vote in the contest. Voters sign a transaction to cast their vote. Votes and voter addresses are stored on IPFS for the contest cycle. After the contest, the participant wallets are used to create the Delivery for the POAP.

As mentioned, I have already created POAPs just like this one for all previous contests. You can see completed contests and on-chain data here: https://app.apollocrypto.org/

Hey @hegemony

Curators approved your petition, congrats!
However, we noticed that it seems your drops are being farmed. We audited your last events and there are many addresses with the same power, all with the exact same POAPs :confused:

You can check some of them on the POAP Gallery:

For this reason, we need you to double-check that each address belongs to an individual and that it’s not only 1 person voting multiple times.

Is there a way you can verify that? Without that check, Curators can’t approve future petitions.

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Thank you for checking on the Delivery.

Our POAPs are not being farmed.

For many of our voters, this is their first introduction to POAPs, thus they have not claimed POAPs from any other source. Our contest voters are consistently returning to vote weekly, and our POAP claimers are the most dedicated.

I can guarantee these are unique persons and wallets. We do run security audits to ensure there is no voting manipulation.

Here are the latest Contest, Voters, and POAP stats

If there are further questions or needs I am happy to answer!!