Event: 42977 • Starts Tomorrow, May 6, 2022 • Technical Glitch!

We initially posted event #42956 and were approved. But the image was not animating.

We had carefully followed instructions in help articles and saved the animation as a GIF, then renamed the extension to PNG. But when it uploaded, it was static. Since we are not permitted to change the image, we spent greater than 2 hours on chat support with Brian to find a solution. We created a test event with the exact same image file (#42972), and it animated! So then we made a new event #42977

Request: Expedite the review of the new event 42977 since it’s set to launch tomorrow, and please delete the original and test events (42956 and 42972).

For your reference, below is a screen capture of the instructions we followed. My suspicion, that I asked Brian to share with your support and dev teams, is that in renaming a file with a false extension, some operating systems get confused. The original file was uploaded from a Windows machine and failed to animate. The second attempt was uploaded from a Mac, which is more forgiving in file structure/file extension mismatches. So it worked. Hopefully this info will help improve your system and support for future POAP minters :slight_smile:


We have made a positive review of your event. :dizzy:
Thank you for the detailed summary of the issue.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body.

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