Event #42559 - I somehow botched uploading the POAP image

  1. Drop ID #42559
  2. Community is r/Ethtrader
  3. Celebrating a DAO Governance Poll Switch the Liquidity Incentive Bonuses For Honeyswap and Uniswap
  4. Distribution via Snapshot
  5. I may be jumping the gun here, but pretty sure I botched the upload of the POAP file. Didn’t want to needlessly add a new POAP drop (i’m sure you all are swamped). But let me know the the best way to remedy by mistake. Thanks!

Hey @kohrts :slight_smile:
The best way to correct these mistakes is to change the description of your old drop to something like “Please ignore, will make a new drop” or similar and than just make a new drop with the corrected image.

Please also keep in mind that you need to fill out this form, to get your proposal linked to your event.
We are currently only linking closed proposals, so it might take a while until it’s linked.

Have a look here for a full guide on it.

Will do. Thank you so much!