Event #36836 - on petition's status

Hi Team,

We submitted the Event #36836 petition 24 hours ago, and would like to confirm the petition’s status. Please refer to the following information ,and feel free to let us know if any information or action required.

  1. Event ID: 36836
  2. Community information: Logbook - Logbook
  3. Nature of the event: We want to encourage those who engage in the Matters community (https://matters-lab.io/).
  4. Distribution Method: We will offer the redemption link to those who have interviewed a citizen of the Matters community and have post the interview article.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?: We received the email “New POAP Drop created” right after we submitted the form.


Hi team,

We already received confirmation letter. Great thanks for your effort​:heart::heart::heart:

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Thanks for letting us know @OLJennifer

Enjoy your event! :heart:

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