Event #33252 requesting more codes because bots got to it

Hey Team,

My event: #33252 was claimed largely by bots today even though the code was never written out. I am requesting 25 more codes that I will personally distribute via unique links to make sure the proper attendees receive their POAPS. Please let me know if you have any q’s!


Hey @jsg

How did that happen? :thinking:

Not sure there must have been a bot or someone in there who heard the secret word and then spread it around. Really have no idea there were only 35 people in the call.

Hey @jsg

The POAP Curation Body made a negative review of your petition as the drop hasn’t been responsibly distributed and the POAPs have been farmed.

Here are some tips for future distribution with Secret Word:

  • Use a random Secret; don’t use a word that is in the title of your drop. For example, for a drop titled “Isabel’s Birthday at Ahupulco,” a secret word like “WeLovePuppies” is fine, but “IsabelAhupulco” is easy to guess and should not be used.
  • Activate the Secret only at the start of your event and deactivate it as soon as it finishes.
  • Only say the word verbally (don’t share it by DM or elsewhere online).
  • Mark the event as Private

Here’s more info about POAP Distribution Methods: POAP Distribution Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

Looking forward to reviewing more of your petitions in the future.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Gotcha, okay - thank you!