Event 300 miembros en discord #66752

My event its the #66752
its the same event that #66670 and #66688
Our discord and instagram

The Event of the POAP its to celebrate the 300 members our comunnity in discord
We share the POAPS whit te members of the community through link and qr code
I published the same event 3 times, because I didn’t know how to do it

Hello @BATMAN11

First of all, going forward of you have any problems or questions you can always go to the Customer Support chat ------>> Support | POAP Directory
The folks that answer the chat bubble are able to answer all your questions and walk you through the process.

The problem with the multiple POAP drop petitions , and using multiple email addresses is that it appears to the folks on the Curation Team that you are being deceptive.

Please know that event 66752 has been reviewed negatively for both the website and mint links.

event 66670 was submitted by this email : bfgu1704@gmail.com
the website has been reviewed negatively twice and the mint links are still pending the outcome of our conversation here.

event id 66688 has different artwork and is a different event from the first two petitions.


Please advise which of these you want to be the test and which one you want to be the one for proper responsible distribution to the community.

Thankyou Juli, how i can share my POAP project??


Which event id did you want to keep for good?

I am the owner of that email, ¿What do I have to do to receive the mint link?

the test event #66680 and the one that will be shared responsibly will be #66752


Are event id 66670 and event id 66688 for the same event?
Which one do you want to keep?
How are you going to distribute the mint links if one of them is approved?

I want to stay forever with event 66752 please


ok so 66752 is the one you want to use for your community?

What is this POAP commemorating?

I want to share the links personally and in person! I want to keep event 66670


What is this POAP Commemorating?

that we reached 300 members on Discord


How did you verify who the first 300 members are?
Are you using a discord bot or Guild.xyz to distribute the links?
If not how are you going to distribute the mint links?

We are a community where we meet once a week to learn different topics! We have verified the members since BOT or SPAM are not allowed within the discord, we make 10 administrators who will be in charge of distributing the mint links to the users and I wish it could be today! the distribution of the POAP

Hello @BATMAN11

So here is what you need to do next.

I will take this to the Curators for review.

Going forward please consider this option for Discord distribution:
A really good tool for Discord distribution is https://guild.xyz/
Automated membership management for the platforms your community already uses.
We have a direct integration with Guild to distribute POAPs to verified Discord AMA attendees. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Curation approved your petition for 100 mint links, congrats! :dizzy:
New issuers are encouraged to execute several drops of a small amount of POAPs, before taking more creative approaches.

After distributing this first batch, you can request a top-up for more codes. Here’s how you would do it:

1- Go to the POAP admin panel
2- Click on Request More Codes

3- Use the edit code you received in the confirmation email and click on Save.

Let us know if you have any questions!